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Apology From Flower

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Apology From Flower

by Flower
Contrite Citizen

I know people think I am very bad. The truth is I did do it. I just didn't mean it to turn out like this. I am very sorry. Mail me if you have any questions.

Note from City Hall:
Flower sent this note to City Hall on Sunday, Dec 5, asking that it be forwarded to the Whyville Times. We have also been hearing from many citizens that Flower has also been going around apologizing and asking for forgiveness.

After a week of turmoil in Whyville, it's become clear that this was a harmless prank that went terribly wrong. We believe that Flower really didn't understand that it would become such a serious problem.

The fact that she has owned up to her mistake and is now truly sorry is really the most important thing of all. Flower has done the right thing, now it's your turn: send her a note to let her know that you accept her apology, and you're happy to be her friend again.


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