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Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment

Guest Writer
Dear citizens of Whyville,

My name is bigdaddy5 and a couple of weeks ago my password was stolen (I've been asked to keep the name anonymous, but I know who the thief was). Here's the story: I tried logging on to my account, but my password was wrong. Now, I bet you're all wondering why I didn't just have my password e-mailed to me. Well, my e-mail wasn't working, so what's a guy to do?

I signed up again. My name was coolman6 and I used him to get through to City Hall. I waited and waited, wrote letters and pleaded with the person that stole my password. Twice they gave me two false passwords. Then this person said that his friend was the one who had stolen my password, because his friend was on his account at the time of the theft. I believed him because he had solid evidence and a confession.

I asked City Hall to please change my password and kick the second thief out and fine the first one 200 hundred clams. Only half of my request has been filled -- I got back my password (ya!),but the thieves were not punished.

Now I write to inform you that I think justice should be served in this great city, and I think those thieves should be punished. If you think that they should be punished, please y-mail me and fight!!!

Thank you for listening, I hope this story has given you more faith that you can get your password back when you lose it. Whyville Rocks!!!

Response from City Hall:

After getting bigdaddy5's report, I also got this from Peman74:

    Dear Whyville,

    I am a used-to-be hacker but I have now stopped and will be giving back the passwords soon as I find them. My friend sent mail to you saying that peman74 was a hacker and steals a lot of accounts. Well, that was like a month ago, and now I raise peeps salaries. It is true. Ok why he did that though was because he wants to hack, and by reporting us it makes him look good and me look bad so yah. I hope u are ok. Well, take this in mind, ok.

    Buh bye, sincerely,


I wrote him back telling him that raising people's salaries for them makes them lazy and turns them into cheaters. Peman74 wrote back saying:

    Thank you for understanding, and I will not hack any more. I have change my ways and will not raise salaries anymore. I was wondering if I could get a job with you guys at City Hall. I could work for Akbar's on weekends or do something please because I really want to help out. I love Y-ville.

I thought he sounded sincere, and I decided to believe him and gave him a second chance. What do you think of my decision?

City Hall



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