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Dear Whyvillians,

This is teddyb speaking. I have been going around Whyville a lot these days and noticing a lot of horrible things happening, like harassments. For example, when I was at the Sportzplatz the other day, there was a person, who I will not say the name of. I've seen her a lot on Whyville, and she's never acted like that.

It was just terrible! People were warning her, and saying "Ewww, that's disgusting!" Well, it surely was. She was saying, "Will anyone sleep with me?" and other things.

Now, ask yourself one question. Is that appropriate for Whyville? Is it? Really? Think about it. My opinion is no! That is no way to act on Whyville. Once I saw this, I was frustrated. You can't act like this, there are kids as young as 5 here on Whyville, and lots older, too! Now, I don't think those five year olds and those older people should be here at all, but what can we do?

Think about it, everyone. If you're reading this and you're one of those people who say that kind of stuff, just stop! People do not appreciate it. Yes I understand, some people get their accounts hacked, but still. I know you have heard this a million times, but DON'T GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD!

I know, "Oh my gosh, this story is so boring." Well, I'm just trying to reach a point out to everyone.

One day, another incident at the Sportzplatz occurred. I was there just standing around, when somebody said, "Teddyb, will you sleep with me?" I said "Wha??" and left right away. Don't hang around those people! Then, I went back to see if he was gone, but nope, still there.

Another two incidents: I was at the Pool Party one day and just chatting with my friends. Then a person, I don't mention names, went up to the guy I was talking to and said, "He's my boyfriend." Then this person pointed to me and said, "That's my girlfriend."

I'm like, "Wha?? You just said that that's your boyfriend, are you a boy or girl?? No offense." And he answered, "A boy and a girl." I'm just like ew in my mind. He started following me all around the Pool Party like a stalker so I just left. It's better to be rude to your friends and then apologize later then get harassed, believe me.

Another incident happened when I was at the Sportzplatz again -- I was asking for face parts because I really needed new eyes and my salary wasn't very high at all. And I asked a nice looking girl, "Could you spare some eyes for me please?" She replied, "Only if you have cyber se* with me!"

Of course I just went ew in my head and left. Yes, I know, I shouldn't have left any time because it was the other person that was wrong. I should have fought back, either warning, vanishing, or silencing them. In the future, let's all do the right thing, but don't do it for no apparent reason.

Yes this was a long article, but I'm just trying to reach a point out to you. Please, if you took time to read this, you are a good Whyvillian. Y-mail me if you have any questions at all.

This was not my first time writing, but they would just never put my other articles in the paper. With this article, I really wanted to reach out to peoples' hearts. I hope this helped you all. I hope you like my article. Chow!

Signing off,




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