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Whyville's Changing Fashion

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Whyville's Changing Fashion

Fashion Writer

Recently on Whyville I have seen a lot of different fashion trends, such as blond hair, hoop earrings, furry pets, etc. and now I am doing a review on some of the parts that may not be so "widely" known. Here goes!

FuRy CaP:
This was created by moonpupy and is now used as a good luck charm by him. This part can be found under "F parts." It is only 5 clams and can be worn on a ~*~glitz~*~ Co. "simple silver chain" or "simple gold chain" (I would use silver) as a great good luck charm.

**b/c winner blue eye**:
This was created by tiggie10, me, and was supposed to be used as an eye but can also be used as a contact. This part only costs 5 clams and makes a nice little eye. This part can be found under "Other Parts" in Akbars.

jazzy jewelery sapphire choker:
Designed by amanda, this is a nice little choker that would look quite nice with "army shirt." This part is 20 clams to buy and can be found on "J parts". I would recommend this to any body with "army shirt".

If you have any parts that aren't very wide-spread that you want ppl to know about then y-mail tiggie10 today.

The End


Fashion Writer

The fashion in whyville has changed a lot over the months. For example, a long time ago people were wearing bandanas. Now, the people that still have bandanas are either selling them and saying "Nobody's wearing these anymore. I might as well sell them!" or they are keeping them and saying "Akbars don't sell bandanas anymore, it's probably worth a lot."

Today, the truth is they aren't "worth" anything for two reasons. People don't wear them any more, and Akbars doesn't sell them any more. Or some people might still have them because they just like the look of them. Newbies also might wear them because it's one of the only body parts that the person has.

Well anyway, fashion can change quickly. Very quickly. One week people can be wearing a certain shirt. The next day people would be wearing something else! Remember when almost everyone wore bandanas? I didn't get a bandana until nobody wore them anymore! Anyway, watch out for change, because I can sneak up on you fast!



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