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A Helping Hand

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A Helping Hand

Guest Writer

As it can be very hard to just randomly click around and get your face started; only a few of us newbies have a face we like. Mine was quite odd, but after experimenting a tad you can figure out how to buy face parts.

We all know that Grandma gives us free parts, and that's something to take advantage of immediately, before you're no longer eligible for it. Also, you can buy face parts after you've accomplished the difficult task of earning clams.

To buy parts, you can go to the Face Factory or Akbar's Body Parts. At the Face Factory you can create a face part for a small fee of clams. At Akbar's Body Parts you can buy cute and funny (looking) parts. Simply follow these steps to get there and you'll be lookin' great in no time at all!

Find the bus located on the left of the screen. If you look right above the driver's seat you'll see a list of locations. Select one of the choices that I've described and go there.

Also, if you have extra parts which you don't plan to use, (think 2 left ears), DONATE IT TO GRANDMA!!! That way others can use them, even if they're not perfect. With the right combination and imagination, you can make things look really great!

So, after your face is completed, head on over to the Brick Emporium and start building a house! Then your life in Whyville will be started!

I believe your face gives you personality. That is why I am trying so hard to get mine to some what represent myself and who I am.




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