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Thinking of Armadillos and Stage Fright

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by Nategreat
Whyville Poet


Armadillo, armadillo,
Why are you on my pillow?
With your shell so hard
And your short, short legs
Please go sleep under the willow.

Armadillo, armadillo,
Why are you burrowing under the willow.
With your claws so long
And your rat-like tail
You are really stinky, armadillo.


by HipChicky
Whyville Poet


As I am walking down the street,
I think of many happy things.

I think of warmth in the winter,
when it is oh so cold,
and that is a good thing...
or so I am told

When it is warm in the summer,
I think of my best friends.
And of all the fun we'll have together,
until the very end.

When it is springtime,
I think of beautiful flowers.
Red, yellow and pink,
I could look at them for hours.

When it is autumn,
I think of all those leaves,
how they dropped from above,
from all those trees.

When it is my birthday,
I think of all the presents,
that my friends will give.
My birthday makes me so happy,
that I was born..... and live.


Stage Fright

I feel their eyes on me,
they are waiting impatiently for me to begin.
Stage fright.
I'm too nervous to move.
Should I back out now?

Too late, the music starts,
all worries float out of my head.
I dance my heart out,
twirling, dipping, leaping.
My best performance yet.

The song ends.
I think "Hurrah, I'm done!"
Relief washes over me.
There is a brief pause.
What do they think?

Applause overwhelms me,
almost deafens me.
I smile brightly.
They loved it!
I am so proud!



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