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WASA Revealed

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WASA Revealed

Guest Writer

It's Sunday morning. With nothing to do besides watch TV, I decide to go to my all-time favourite site, Whyville.

When I get there, I can't believe my eyes. The Whyville Aeronautics and Space Administration (WASA) is now open! I'm sure you are all familiar with the "under construction" sign that has been on the WASA building. This is now replaced with WASA: Whyville Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The building has been redesigned, too. What was once covered with black and yellow tape is now many colourful buildings, including a blue globe and a yellowy-orange tower.

Immediately what do I do after I see all this? I investigate. The first place I come to is closer to the buildings. I learn that the globe is an anti-gravity chamber. Placing my mouse over it, I find it tells me to go to the SIRTF building lobby to get my security cleared. After a while, I realise the SIRTF lobby is the orange, red and yellow tower.

Once I'm inside, the stern looking man at the desk tells me that I am cleared, and says that the chamber will prepare me for my mission into outer space. This makes me wonder (but that's another story).

He gives me my code and tells me to go to the elevator. I make my way there and say my code. This is the moment I have been waiting for. As the floors start to blur, I anticipate and wonder what it would be like. I soon find out.

The anti-gravity chamber looks like a square ice rink with four different coloured squares around it. After about five or ten minutes of trying to figure out how to play this new game (it takes me a while to catch on to these sort of things), I give up and read the instructions.

Armed with this information, I make my way to the second level (yes!!). However, I... well... I lost. Oh, well. I will try again!


After recording all this information, I decided to interview a couple people. The first person I asked was Conne.

Aria: What do you think about WASA?
Conne: I think it's cool.
Aria: What do you like best about WASA?
Conne: I don't know, I like mostly everything.
Aria: Have you tried the game?
Conne: No.
Aria: Is there anything you don't like about it?
Conne: No, not really.
Aria: Thank you very much!

I then asked Derik45.

Aria: What do you think of WASA?
Derik45: It isn't good, all you do is a game, that's all. It's so lame, we should get a mall instead.
Aria: What do you like best about WASA?
Derik45: Well, no offense to WASA but I hate it... it does nothing it looks cool but it kinda stinks.
Aria: Do you think WASA could have any improvements?
Derik45: Yes I do, actually. I think WASA should provide you with projectiles because for the game you need lots of projectiles, so it would be better if WASA provides the projectiles.
Aria: What do you think of the game?
Derik45: I think the game is so hard because you dunno where the projectile is going to go and where it's gonna move you. There should be cheats for the game to help you.
Aria: Thank you very much.

Ok, and as for my views, well, I agree with Conne, mostly because I like the look of it, and it's something new and interesting to try. However, Derik45 made a good point with the projectiles. First of all, most people don't have very many projectiles. And also, if you played this game regularly, you would run out of clams pretty fast if you didn't have a high salary.

Well, that just about concludes it all. Have fun at WASA!




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