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Announcements, Announcements

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Announcements, Announcements


The Voting Must Commence

Hey ppl, it's Andy109!

I've just recieved all of my names and I can't pick one! My apartment deserves an important, creative sounding name.

As before the winner gets 100 clams. But now 2nd gets 75, 3rd: 50, 4th: 25, 5th: 10. Last gets the big goose egg.

Voters didn't vote last time, so I'm going to make an offer. Every 10th voter gets 30 clams.

You can also make a donation to the apartment. I'm guessing this contest will cost over 300 clams. Not much you say? Yeah I guess so, but... I'm paying everyone for only one name, just one good name!!!

Phew, now that we're done with that, on to the voting.

Y-mail Andy109 to vote. In case of a tie, I'll give them both half of the prize, ex. Bob and Jane tie for first, I give 50 clams to both of them. Please only vote for one name.

Sorry, but the sending of names is over. *hears awwws in the crowd* Anyway, here are the names. Note: I wasn't sure if some of them spelt it wrong on purpose.

By aliciann:
Skyscraping Andy's Apartments
Awsome Andy's
*The Sky is the Limit*
Wild Whyville Apartments

By cronic420:
House of Paradice
The World of Rooms

By Kate14:
Amazing Andy's
Accurate Andy's
Sky High Andy's Apartments

By Lazzie2:
Apartments de Andy de Cheap
Apartments a la cheap
House le Andy

By Beebop:
Paridis on Earth
Swift Hardy Apartment

By shortbabe:
Butt Whipping Whyville Apartments
Sky High Skyscraper
The Lice a Little House
House of SBRing (sit back relaxing)
Ynda Ynda (andy backwards)
Rainbow Valley
Whyville Peaks
Dynamite Dunes

So get voting!


Webpage Designer

Hey All You Whyvillians,

I bet you have a lot of questions filling your mind about Whyville, don't you! Well... the other day, a though came across my mind. Why not make a webpage that will answer your questions! But first, I need a little help. If you need any help at all with something on Whyville, I would like you to ymail me ASAP!

It'll be a great site! I'll show you step by step how to play the salary game -- no, I won't give out answers, but I'll show you how. Then some people may be able to raise there salary to their liking.

Some other things I'll publish are:

  • Recent News!
  • Glitches to be aware of.
  • Links to other Whyville Fan Pages.
  • Maybe, some sneak previews.
  • I'll explain things that people may not understand about Whyville.
  • I'll tell you what are FALSE rumors and what are TRUE rumors.

I'm still thinking of ideas. I really could use some help, so please, if you think of something please send it to me by Y-mail! I will post ads and another article when the site is ready for viewing.

Thank You,

May You All Have A Great Day!!!

- Stewie -


Contest Organizer

Dear citizens of Whyville:

Hey! Waz up? I'm having a contest. About every month, I'll give a trivia question.

I know what you're thinking. This is some dumb BBS thing where you win 10 clams if you get it right. Well, guess what? It's nothing like that.

I have a lot of clams which I don't even want. What in the world am I supposed to do with 14,000 clams? Might as well give them away to people who really need it.

Okay, if you think you know the answer, give me a y-mail. The first person to get it right will win... 1000 clams!!

I'm serious. I will give you clams. Don't think I'm doing this for popularity or anything. I don't need these clams, period. So, if you are the lucky person to win the prize, I'll y-mail you a "congratulations" and the money.

Okay, the first question is pretty simple. It will get harder gradually.

If you write all the numbers from 300-400 (including 300 and 400), how many threes have you written?

Simple, isn't it? First one to y-mail me with the right answer gets the prize. See ya and good luck!!




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