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So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

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Dani was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer on the May 29, 2005. Since then she had undergone chemotherapy and surgery. When she passed on she was only 14 years old. You probably knew Dani better as Armada.

Do you remember Armada? Times Writer. BBS enthusiast and all-round fantastic person. You might, you might not, but to many of you, including me, she was a true friend and Whyvillian.

So first I'll tell you about Dani. Dani lived in Ohio in the United States. This year was her first year of school after being homeschooled. She loved books and wrote fantastic poetry and was in a club for just that in her local library. She also loved Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan. I remember her most for her love of "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and her ability to quote it. She was slways saying "So long and thanks for all the fish" and talking about the meaning of life . . . 42. She was very close with her family, especially with her sister. She also loved rollercoasters :). Dani was one of the smartest people you could ever meet.

In Whyville she was a great Times Writer and Poet. Her articles was inspiring, informative and interesting. She loved debating on the BBS's about controversial subjects. She knew so much about current issues and could make a well-balanced and thought-out point. When Media Hour was on she would always show up and would always be able to say something useful and directed the conversation. What's more, she was vice president of BLOBY (Bearded Ladies Organization for a Better Yville) which, in it's time, was the biggest and most well known clubs in Whyville with other 250 members. I knew she was the right choice for vice president. She was such an asset to the club and I know that so much of our success was due to her.

Dani, you were such an inspiration to me. I can't begin to describe how much I respected you, your humor, your kindness and your intelligence. I always knew you'd go far and you did, you did Dani. I can't say how much this world will miss you and how much of a reward it will be to the next world you appearing on their doorstep. If everyone could take your humor, your optimism and your enthusiasm about life I'm sure we'd all be better people. It hurts Dani, but wherever you are I know that you are happy and watching over me.

I now have some tributes that friends have asked to pass on.

I had known Danielle for at LEAST two years. We became really close and asked our parents if we could be pen pals. They said yes, so we wrote letters to each other even if it was a bit pointless. Why send letters when we talk online? It made sense to both of us though. We'd send letters to each other and drawings. I'd send her little comics of dorky things, and she'd send me witty letters. We soon got bored of this because I would forget to send letters. This wasn't enough anymore, so we talked over meeting at Cedar Point. When we asked, our parents agreed again. They set a date for the meeting, which was mid-July this summer. We were so excited! Cedar Point and Danielle? Great combination. My dad and sister went with me to drive the five hours down to Sandusky, OH. We got to the hotel that we were all staying at, and we called Danielle's family's room. We decided to meet at the pool. When I saw Danielle for the first time, she was just how I thought she'd be. Smiling and looking happy with her sister by her side. She told my sister and I to jump in, so we did. We kept swimming until our parents told us that it was time for bed. The next day we went to Cedar Point and had a blast. She was up for all the scary rides like Top Thrill Dragster and Blue Streak. I told her I would go on any ride she did. That was one of the best days of my summer. I'm going to miss her, and I hope I see her on the dark side of the moon.

What could I possibly say about Danielle that would even compare to how amazing she is? I do not think there are words to even describe how deeply she has touched so many of our hearts. So many people knew her, and after this so many more will know of her, and how wonderful of a person she was. I had always believed Danielle would go onto great things, despite the fact that she had cancer. She was such a good person to everyone around, and I believe that right now she's watching us from heaven. I would think that she would not have known how much she meant to us all, because these messages are just a small glimpse into our hearts. She taught me that even though a person may be down on their luck, they can still be one of the happiest people in the world, just because of their outlook on life. I will take that with me the rest of my life.
I love you, Danielle.

Danni was the girl who, no matter how hard you tried, you could not hate. Danni was the girl who could make your day better, just by telling one of her outrageously funny jokes. Danni was the girl who could change your mind about something you thought you were sure about. Although, Danni was also the girl with cancer. The girl who passed on August 15th, 5:15 am. Danni was the girl that everyone misses, appreciates, and loves. I love you Danni. Stay in my heart.

Even though I didn't know her personally, she was a GREAT Times Writer. I read every one of her articles, and they were absolutly AMAZING! She'll always have a place in my heart.

I can't think of one person who didn't like her. I'd be very surprised if you could. She was quite possibly the most likeable person I've ever met, simply because she was happy. Genuinely happy in spite of it all. She was infectious. You could talk to her when you were upset and in moments she'd be telling you that it was ridiculous and in a moment more you'd be laughing because you misspelled "fried rice."

She was so wise. She would never admit that she was wise but she was, far beyond her years. She was smart, charismatic, and all these other fancy words that sound so hollow without her. She was so creative and original. Instead of saying goodbye, she said, "So long, and thanks for all the fish!" You'd have to read Douglas Adams (one of her favorite authors) to appreciate that. She wrote amazing poetry. She shared astounding insights on the world. She influenced my life in a way nobody else ever has. It feels silly to say this, because I never met her face to face. But it's true. I'm still in a state of disbelief from hearing the news.

She was always so strong and unbreakable, it felt like nothing would ever shatter her. I'm indescribably angry that something did. She always said not to worry about her. "I'm gonna be fine, quit worrying!" But I guess I know that she was always referring to her emotional state, rather than her physical one.

I liked to trade book titles with her. About a month ago, I recommended her one called "Luna." She said that it was currently checked out of the library. I wonder if she ever got to read it. She got me into Douglas Adams. We also talked about music a lot. Music is something she could really, really appreciate. If you ever heard her poem entitled "Dream On" you'd know that music was . . . is more than sounds and melodies. You'd know that it's what the world has in common. We bonded over Pink Floyd and from there she got me to start listening to Bob Dylan and Goldfinger. They will never sound the same again, but they remain some of my favorite artists none the less. I only have half a page written so far, and I don't feel that it's enough. But I'm running out of words. I've never been very good at words. I don't think there are any in existence that you could use to describe her. She was just . . . Danielle. She was herself. She was a little bit of all of us. And I know that she has left a lasting impression on everyone who knew her.

I loved Danielle. She was on of Whyville's most inspiring people. She had a great personality and she always made me laugh. But wherever she is now, she must feel better. She doesn't have to fight the cancer everyday and feel the suffering of not only herself but of family and friends who worry about her. And when we're all done mourning, although it's hard to get over, we'll all realize she's in a better place. She's not feeling the pain or stress that she felt in life. And we'll all see her again one day. Really it's only the physical body that's gone. Her spirit still lives with her family, and all of our hearts. I hope you put that in. I actually cried when I heard the news. I miss her so much, but she'll read your article and feel much better. Thanks.
Love, Fallyn
Long live Danielle

Danni was a great friend of mine, and I'll truly miss her very much. I'll think about her always. I want to urge everyone to buy an ovarian cancer support bracelet. Although it is sadly too late to help Danni, we can still help many others in the same situation.

There is no cure to birth and death save to enjoy the interval and Danni did just that. <3 Danni <3
- James, Chase, Maddie
(quote attributed to George Santaynaa)

Thanks a lot guys . . . Here's to you Dani! So long and thanks for all the fish!

so this is all that's left
after all of that
three scars
that don't even
really count
since one of them
is covered
by your shirt
and the others
are small
and will fade
with time
your hair's starting
to grow back
as well as
your eyelashes
and you can already see
the shape of your eyebrows
even though
they still have to grow in
so no one
will ever have to know
about any of this
unless you want them to
unless you want them to know
about the lance armstrong thing
about how many times
you were carted
to the emergency room
generally in an ambulance
or about
how you could find your way
rainbow babies' and children's hospital
or on the other hand
about how you
made the all-A honor roll
(one out of five eighth-grade students) even though
you missed an average
of two days per week
because of chemo
or side effects
or a lovely ride
to the ER
or about
that one time
you threw up
in sixth period math
and your friend didn't care
even though
you're pretty sure
you'd be grossed out
if you were her
and called you later
at the hospital
and stayed on the phone
for two hours straight
even though
it was long distance
and you didn't say
one word
after all of that
after the whole
lance armstrong thing
only three scars
that don't even
really count
are left

By Danielle Scott. 1992-2006 Happy til the end


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