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Hey there Whyvillians everywhere! This is xMandy789 here to give a review on a movie or television show. This week, I am reviewing a television show. I am reviewing my personal favorite show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Now CSI is a continuing series that is on its seventh season. New shows don't run in summer, so all you can see is re-runs. But come fall, you will be able to catch new episodes of this suspenseful crime drama every Thursday on various channels. It is rated 14A, so if we have anyone younger than 14 reading this, you should maybe talk to your parents first. It is rated for mild-language, mature themes, mild violence and gory scenes.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a show that revolves around forensic scientists and what they go through at work. This show is not only very entertaining, but it also gives you an idea of what forensics is about. I myself have learned many things by watching this show, though not all about science. I also now find myself more interested in science, and watching forensics shows on the discovery channel. CSI is set in Las Vegas, although there are two other CSI shows: CSI: Miami and CSI: New York.

There are eight main actors and actress'/characters in this show: William Peterson who plays Gil Grissom, Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows, Gary Dourdan as Warrick Brown, George Eads as Nick Stokes, Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle, Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders, Robert David Hall as Dr. Al Robbins and Paul GuilFoyle as LVPD Captain Jim Brass. To find out more about their characters, tune into CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also on DVD).

To find out what other citizens of Whyville thought, I interviewed 6hockey7, who is my real life brother, to find out what he thought of CSI.

xMandy789: Hey 6hockey7, ready to start the interview?
6hockey7: Sure.
xMandy789: So what is your overall opinion on CSI?
6hockey7: It's a good show . . . way better than most crime shows.
xMandy789: I couldn't agree more! Who do you think the show revolves around most (when it comes to the characters)?
6hockey7: Grissom all the way. The rest of the team too, but mostly Grissom.
xMandy789: Yeah, Grissom's cool. Is he your favorite character?
6hockey7: Nope . . . my favorite's Nick. He's pretty cool.
xMandy789: My favorite's Greg . . . he's hilarious! Well, back on subject. What do you like most about CSI?
6hockey7: I like how it goes into their personal lives, it makes it more interesting.
xMandy789: Yeah I agree. Do you think they should've been nominated in this year's Emmy Awards?
6hockey7: Don't really care for award shows, but they still should've been nominated.
xMandy789: I agree. What are you predictions for the seventh season?
6hockey7: I think it'll go more into their personal lives. I don't know, but I think I read that somewhere.
xMandy789: I see. Okay here's the last question for this week. Would you recommend this to other citizens of Whyville??
6hockey7: Yes. Well, not everyone. Just the ones who like suspense, drama and crime shows.
xMandy789: Okay thank you for doing this interview with me.
6hockey7: Ok.

Well, that's this review. If you have any questions about CSI please y-mail me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you have a TV show or movie you would like me to review, please y-mail me. Thanks!

Until next time,
~ xMandy789


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