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The Mysterious Detective

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The Mysterious Detective

The Mysterious Detective
Who Knows?
I am out there. I watch as you play. I watch as you talk. I watch your every move.

And I notice everything.

I notice how Whyvillians get tired of their old accounts so they say someone "hacked" into their account. They transfer all the good face products of their old account to the new and let themselves be a guest in their old account's house before they get a plot of their own. If they are smart, they change the password and email address so it really seems as if someone stole the account. They continue giving themselves ClamGrams from their old account.

I notice how people get "boyfriends" and "girlfriends" and only use them to get free face parts, a house, and get to brag and give kisses.

I notice more. The scary things of Whyville.

I could tell you who, when and how Whyvillains insult one another. I know even more.

I am so discreet even City Hall, no, she does not know who I am. But I know her.

I am just a normal face. Out in Whyville, like all of you. But, I watch.

So beware. If you you say something that slips out I will be there. It will be in the times. It will be known. Watch your back. And, remember I am always there, always... always watching.

This is not a poem I am really 4 real and I will do everything I said I'll do.

Case File #001

I should clarify that this is not exactly my first case, it is merely the first case that I have brought to light using the Whyville Times. Well, now that that is cleared up, I will begin.

It all began one day, at the Sportplatz. No one there knew that the Mysterious Detective was in their midst. It was then that someone brought up the subject of Canadians and Americans. She was asking who was Canadian and who was American at the 'Platz. Some Whyvillians said "Canadian", some said "American", but one Whyvillain said something totally different.

I cannot repeat his exact words for certain reasons but what he said was, "Canadians kick Americans big ...(this was where he made a spelling error, and the word is lost to us)... A**."

Why did it matter so much to him? We are all Whyvillians here. We all come to the same place to learn, which is really what Whyville is all about. Anymore of this and you'll be bringing TROUBLE to this town. Good behavior is what makes Whyville best, and offensive nationalism is not a part of Whyville.

Let this be a lesson to all of you reading. I will be watching you.

Your every move.

You Mysterious Detective...



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