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A Little Peace & Quiet

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A Little Peace & Quiet

Guest Writer

Hi! Dexter here, and I wanted to tell you about a very good petition that I just wrote that my friends and I came up with.

We don't mean to brag or anything, but we get hit on like 20 times a day and it starts to get annoying. So we came up with a really good idea for a room where you could go where hitting on other people is not allowed. We thought that maybe if you get hit on in there you could report the hitter and they would get fined 50 clams or so, and be banned from there for a week or so. That way you could go there just to talk for a while and not get hit on.

We also came up with an idea for an alarm system for our houses. This would basically mean that you would have a list of all of the names that are welcome in your house, and if anyone else tried to come in, they would be fined like 50 or so and not be allowed in for another week or two.

I'll tell you, I'm president of DexCo, and when we're having a meeting at DexCoHDQT's house, it is dang annoying to have someone just barge in. And if you are havin' a party and don't know who is coming, maybe you could press a button at the bottom of the list that says "Everyone is Welcome" and that way everyone can come in.

Well, I hope you like our ideas, and I hope you didn't fall asleep reading this. :o)

I just wanted to say that I really hope you will make our dream become a reality! See ya and thanx for reading!

Dexter signing off....



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