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Transcript of the Senate Debate

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Note from City Hall: Congratulations to all the candidates on a solid debate and an interesting discussion of their ideas for a better Whyville! Below is a transcript of what the candidates said during the debate. While some very minor things were left out of the transcript, the bulk of what they said has been left in. We've included a few comments from the audience to give you a sense of how they were reacting to the candidates at that point in the debate. Enjoy!

City Hall: Welcome to the Senate Debate!
hotboi764: Hey City Hall!
City Hall: Hello!
peaches70: oh hey city hall xP
anyonka: Hey City hall

City Hall: Thank you for attending today's debate!
anyonka: clap
City Hall: fling Our candidates tonight are, in alphabetical [order]
City Hall: anyonka, hotboi764, and peaches70!
City Hall: Thank you for being here today, candidates!
peaches70: k

hotboi764: No problem :D
City Hall: Let's have a brief opening statement from each candidate. anyonka - why don't you start us off?
anyonka: okay
anyonka: Well
anyonka: Hwello everyone, and thank you to all who ahve supported me this far. :D I jsut wnat to say that this race ahs tought me
anyonka: much about polotics and life. During the last ferw days, rumors were spread about me, and possibly other candidates.

anyonka: I would jsut liek to ask you to forget these for now and please jsut liten to what we say now.
hotboi764: Forgot and forgave ;)
anyonka: Thank you. :D
peaches70: -claps-
hotboi764: clap
City Hall: *claps*

City Hall: Thank you, anyonka
City Hall: hotboi - ur next!
peaches70: go ben ^.6
hotboi764: Alright, I am going to keep this short and simple.
anyonka: Unlike me. Lol.
hotboi764: Well, it is an honor to be here the second time, and I just want to say peaches70: lol<

hotboi764: I couldn't have done it with you guys ;)
[CW mark shows up]
City Hall: hey mark!
anyonka: Heya mark. :D
peaches70: oh my its mark ;o
hotboi764: Hello, Mark.
mark: sorry, didn't mean to interrupt
City Hall: no problem!

City Hall: peaches - ur turn!
peaches70: Well, as you all know this is my first time in top 3.I didn`t know about all the rumors and stuff that goes on
peaches70: But it has been really fun this past few weeks.I would like to thank all my suporters!
mark: claps
peaches70: :)
hotboi764: claps
anyonka: clap

City Hall: I have a specific question for each of you.
anyonka: Okay
hotboi764: Alright ;)
peaches70: kay (:
bbubb: Make 'em tough ones ;).
City Hall: peaches70, in your platform you say, "I will work to get the games and technical errors fixed". If you could fix any one or two things, what would they be?

hotboi764: Tough one xD
peaches70: Well, all of you know that the Sun spot game has been down for like a year
City Hall: I miss the sun, :)
peaches70: So that would be the first thing i would fix
peaches70: and Second i would fix any thing else that breaks (:
hotboi764: Good answers.

hotboi764: clap
City Hall: lol! Good idea! :)
peaches70: :D
City Hall: done?
peaches70: yes :P
City Hall: great!

City Hall: anyonka, in your platform you suggest that we put a second password to prevent clam-theft via Clamgrams. Can you tell us more about this? What about face parts and the Trading Post?
anyonka: Well. People usually tend to give out their passwords for one reason or another. If tehre was a second pw...
anyonka: Then at least clams and face parts would be safe in such a case.
holiday50: If there was a second password, people would forget it often.
Prissie33: what we need is a bank like hotboi said :)
teenaz6o3: Wouldn't there be more scams to get the second password too?
City Hall: would they need a password to trade too?
anyonka: As for the trading post, we could have a password there too,
City Hall: cool - what about giving away face parts?
Britt422: That's a good idea but too many passwords to remember..
Prissie33: what we need is banks and saftey deposit boxs :)

anyonka: In a satchel, there would be a apssword for that also. But it could be optionl to have asecond password for people who u
anyonka: use those tools a lot.
sam84202: That would be good because if you got hacked they couldn't take your valuable face parts.
City Hall: interesting - it's a tough problem, to be sure.
anyonka: Yes...
City Hall: on to hotboi
hotboi764: Ok.

City Hall: hotboi764, in your platform you mention that, "there should be more games
hotboi764: Yes, I do.
hotboi764: I think that some games are way too hard.
hotboi764: This site is mainly for 8-13 year olds.
hotboi764: Alot of young kids.
hotboi764: Can't do certain games.
dartanian: lots of people complain that there isnt enough games and if there was more games thent hey could raise their salary

hotboi764: I plan to add new games..
hotboi764: Not high salary raising ones.
hotboi764: But simpler ones that may raise your salary a tiny bit/
hotboi764: That is all.
anyonka: clap
peaches70: -claps-

hotboi764: ( I was thinking of a game that could include Scions)
City Hall: OK, so more, easier games that award clams, but not salary?
hotboi764: No.
hotboi764: More easier games.
hotboi764: That award salary.
hotboi764: But lower salary like 3.
City Hall->hotboi764: oh, salary and clams or just salary?
hotboi764->City Hall: Just salary ;)
City Hall->hotboi764: got it! Sounds cool.

City Hall: Great ideas, from all of you!
peaches70: (:
City Hall: Would each of you tell us about one other idea you have that will improve Whyville?
hotboi764: Sure.
peaches70: okay
City Hall: peaches70 - start us off, please.

peaches70: okay
peaches70: Well, all of you know how anoying it is when you are moving to fast in a room and you get kicked out .
City Hall: i know that!
peaches70: So I thought maybe they could get rid of that since it doesnt really do anything
peaches70: or when you chat too fast
hotboi764: It does do something.

City Hall: ahhh, but it *does* - it keeps programs like Tasker from bogging down chat for everyone...
peaches70: yes
peaches70: and it slows down the server
City Hall: yep! Just had to find a way to deal with that, but I understand how annoying the chat too fast thing can be.
City Hall: anyonka - something else off your platform?
anyonka: WEll

anyonka: I have an idea about a trading post try-on, similar to Akbar's.
anyonka: I have seen cases where the people buy the part, but it doesn't look good on them or it doesn't fit.
City Hall: neat! Would that be too many windows popping up, or would three be OK?
anyonka: I not think 3 windows would be as bad as paying for a part that doesn't fit
City Hall: good point
City Hall: Thanks!

anyonka: :D
City Hall: hotboi764? Another idea off your platform?
hotboi764: Alright.
peaches70: couldnt tel sell it if it doesnt fit?
hotboi764: I don't believe this is on my old platform, but it is on my new platform, which should be seen in the Times soon.
hotboi764: I would like to discuss a Whyville Bank.

hotboi764: Citizens have wanted one of these for a long time, and I find it a great additon to Whyville.
hotboi764: Here is a what a bank could do for us.
hotboi764: We could be able to store clams in it for a while to gain interest based on how much we stored.
hotboi764: This would help newbies gain clams well.
hotboi764: Also...
City Hall: 10% of 0 is still zero. :)

hotboi764: When we store clams in it.
City Hall: j/k!
peaches70: loooool\
hotboi764: We reiceve a password.
hotboi764: So hackers can not get to our clams.
hotboi764: That is my idea of a Whyville bank.

anyonka: Its been suggested beofre. i only wonder why it hasn't been done eyt.
City Hall: great! Some more solid ideas! I would love to implement them all!!!
City Hall: Now, you can each ask each other a question.
peaches70: oh
hotboi764: :\
peaches70: o.o

City Hall: hotboi - let's start with you.
hotboi764: Hmm
anyonka: Hm
hotboi764: My question is for...
hotboi764: Peaches70.
peaches70: lool oh my

City Hall: cool - the podia are open
hotboi764: You wanted to remove the rules for chatting and moving to fast...
yochunky: Podia?
peaches70: Yes
hotboi764: What exactly would be the whole point of this, since the rules are needed there.
dartanian: ts plural for podium
hotboi764: People can use programs such as auto typers and spam projectiles here in the greek theatre.
peaches70: the rules are there because people were asking for too much

peaches70: they had to get rid of sertin things
hotboi764: sertin?
born2wn: does sertin mean certain?
hotboi764: xD
peaches70: and i dont see how getting kicked out of a room helps
NARClSSUS: it helps because it allows people to not spam...
milliemag: it stops the server from slowing
hotboi764: Listen to Millie.
hotboi764: Like she said.

hotboi764: It helps the servers.
hotboi764: Servers would go crazy without enforcing these rules.
peaches70: Well the servers are slow all the time,,,
hotboi764: Not really..
City Hall: Zing on Whyville!
peaches70: I just dont see how it helps

hotboi764: Servers could possible crash.
hotboi764: Without these rules.
hotboi764: We need them, so I see this idea completly pointless.
peaches70: :\
peaches70: I don`t see how that helps the server though..
hotboi764: What is there not to get, lol?

peaches70: Would people leaving the room all the time slow it down...
City Hall: ok - points for both sides. Hotboi - got one for anyonka?
hotboi764: Ok.
peaches70: i do
hotboi764: No I do not.
City Hall: thanks peaches!

City Hall: ok
hotboi764: Well.
hotboi764: Let me a think a sec..
peaches70: I have a question
City Hall: no biggie if you don't [have a question]
hotboi764: Alright.

hotboi764: I have one for her.
anyonka: Okay
peaches70: So do I..
anyonka: Do I get a podium or do i have to sit on the ground? Lol
hotboi764: Lol, Paiton let Mariah have the podium?
City Hall: thanks!

City Hall: anyonka - up u go
hotboi764: Alrightt.
anyonka: Sorry. Slwo comp. :D
City Hall: no prob >
hotboi764: Could you further explain any more of your ideas?
City Hall: anyonka

anyonka: Ones that I have not mentioned today? Or have metioned already?
City Hall: ur choice
City Hall: >
anyonka: Okay
hotboi764: Ones you have not mentioned, please.
anyonka: Well

anyonka: I thoguht to teach people more about car safety, we could have optiolnal seat belts and random crashes
hotboi764: Hmm.
NARClSSUS: we already have seat belts
CriM3: We do have seatbelts Anyonka!
Luinloth: Crashes. Fun!
born2wn: If the seatbelts are optional what would be the point?
hotboi764: Random crashes though, could this further increase violence in car driving, in real life?
tokyo1: What about AirBags?
Deriko: Wow! Imagine having to pay insurance on Scions!
anyonka: If we do not have a seat belt on during a crash, you would have a giant bandage accross your face for a few days
hotboi764: Hmm.
hotboi764: How else could you make the cars safe..?

City Hall: air bags! nice!
hotboi764: There are lots of things Scions do not have.
hotboi764: That real cars have for saftey.
anyonka: A message would simply say Sorry your car would crash. So hopwfully that wouldn't increase violence.
hotboi764: Ok.
hotboi764: But..

hotboi764: If our car crashes.
anyonka: And as for further safety, we could have airbags.
hotboi764: Would it wreck?
hotboi764: And would we have to buy a new car?
anyonka: No.
hotboi764: Ok

City Hall: Lots of questions come with 'crashes'.
hotboi764: So random crashes to enforce saftey in real life.
anyonka: No dmage would eb done to the car
holiday50: Then what is the point of the whole CRASH
hotboi764: Well, if a car crashes, it does take damage.
anyonka: Yes. Basically
hotboi764: Don't you think we should have some kind of repair shop or something..?
Deriko: Considering there's only one road in Whyville, and it's one directional I don't see where the crashing comes in!

City Hall: was that yes to hotboi's question? >
anyonka: I suppose we could. Great idea.
hotboi764: Agreeing with Jenn here, how could we not get hurt and our car get hurt...
hotboi764: o_o
hotboi764: That is my questiong.
hotboi764: Questioning*

peaches70: i have a question for anyonka
hotboi764: Good answers.
City Hall: Thanks, hotboi. Peaches - go ahead
peaches70: Well, one of your ideas was that you could try stuff on in trading post
anyonka: Yes
peaches70: Well, if it doesn't fit why not just trade it

peaches70: To some one else
anyonka: Soem people may not be able to resell it and therefore have lsot all their clams
holiday50: You can resell it. So what if you lose somec lams when you sell it? Atleast youd didnt get fully scammed.
peaches70: Well would'nt having more windows poping up slow down the server
anyonka: Not neccisarily. i know people who can't sell the parts they have, and several of them paid lots of clams
City Hall: for the record, extra windows would only effect YOUR computer, not the servers.
anyonka: I'm not extremly wise, but I woukd not think it would take up too much server space.

peaches70: Oh
anyonka: I see
City Hall: like having too many programs open at once.
City Hall: a valid concern, though
anyonka: Yes.
peaches70: yess

City Hall: ok - hotboi, peaches has a question for you
hotboi764: Alright.
City Hall: thanks, anyonka!
hotboi764: Good job, Mariah
hotboi764: clap
anyonka: Thanks Ben

anyonka: And CH and evryone.
peaches70: hold one one second my computers freezing
hotboi764: Alright..
peaches70: Well ,as we all know you have been Senator before..
hotboi764: Yes, I have...
peaches70: What are you planing on doing differently this time?

hotboi764: Well..
hotboi764: Last time I was Senator I didn't get to do much.
hotboi764: I wasn't on much during my term.
hotboi764: So, this time I plan to finish alot more ideas than last time.
City Hall: oh my!
hotboi764: Also, there are alot of new things.

hotboi764: Giving me a chance to provide lots of new ideas.
peaches70: I see.. So is there any ideas that are "Top priority" for you.
hotboi764: Yes, infact, I have 3 top ideas.
peaches70: Lets hear them.
hotboi764: Alright then.

hotboi764: First idea.
hotboi764: Bring back Life-Time WhyPasses
hotboi764: I understand this is a rip off for Whyville.
kitlover: Wouldnt that cause Whyville to lose money?
peaches70: On that note
peaches70: Life time whypasses were discontinuted
hotboi764: That is why I'd like to bring them back for about 3-5 months for a price of 30 - 35$

hotboi764: (American money)
peaches70: Well that's the price of the eight month.
hotboi764: Well, I care to bring them back for more.
peaches70: Don't you think they would want to charge more?
hotboi764: Since lots of people that I know aren't buying.
peaches70: Oh

hotboi764: Yes, I think they would want to pay more.
City Hall: Actually, Why-Pass sales are up for the summer
City Hall: the summer deal is a hit!
hotboi764: Not many people would pay 50-75$ for a website >
hotboi764: Alright.
hotboi764: Well on to my second idea ;)

peaches70: Okay
hotboi764: My second idea I have already explained is the Whyville Bank.
holiday50: A bank with Interest, daily.
City Hall: Now we just need a bank to sponsor it!
hotboi764: My third main idea is...
hotboi764: You need a bank to sponsor it?
hotboi764: I didn't think you would.

City Hall: no - not need - but a project of that size takes resources
hotboi764: Ahh, thank you for clarifying that City Hall.
hotboi764: However.
hotboi764: Maybe kids on Whyvill
hotboi764: Have parents who own a bank.
hotboi764: And could sponsor it.

City Hall: fine with us! Sign them up! :)
hotboi764: Alright :)
hotboi764: On to my third main idea.
peaches70: I dont think parents would want to sponser a website
hotboi764: How many of you have played Zero Gravity and had someone purposly hit City Hall: *me*
ittismary: hand upp
dartanian: RAISED HAND
angel4678: Meeee
bbubb: *Raises hand.*
milliemag: raises hand!
dartanian: RAISES*
yochunky: HANDS UP
tfklover: raised hand!
Prissie33: ME!
Vancyon: rasised hand!!
NARClSSUS: meeee
born2wn: I HAVE.
bladedge: **raises hand**
Luinloth: Me.
ps2man1: I finished it early so no-one hit me.
sam84202: raises hand

hotboi764: That is why I would like to create more Zero Gravity rooms.
hotboi764: There are so many rude people who like to shove you into the wrong light.
City Hall: Sounds reasonable.
hotboi764: Around 5 to 10 more rooms would be alright.
hotboi764: That is my top 3 ideas, thank you for listening.
City Hall: cool! Anyonka - do u have some questionns for your competitors?

anyonka: Sure
anyonka: First for Ben if he doesn't mind two in a row. :D
hotboi764: Lol
hotboi764: Hands are getting tued.
hotboi764: tired*
anyonka: Oh

hotboi764: But, I'm all good.
City Hall: Two? Keep them short, please.
City Hall: :)
anyonka: You said soemthing about making easier games, possibly involvoing scions.
hotboi764: Yes, I did.
anyonka: Well, what would teh game be? Most people cannot afford them.
Deriko: I like the harder games! Spectrometer was a real challenge!

hotboi764: Like I said before, I haven't exactly thought of an idea.
City Hall: good point! (Insert Scion Solutions commercial here)
hotboi764: But, I was thinking of a game.
hotboi764: Where you could drive your Scion along a road.
hotboi764: Kinda lame.
City Hall: Like a driving sim?

hotboi764: But, like I said, I haven't fully though of one.
hotboi764: Yes, like driving a sim, City Hall.
anyonka: Interesting
City Hall: neat!
hotboi764: And yes, this would be educational ;)
City Hall: gas, insurance, accidents, air bags - all great ideas!

hotboi764: Unless you know how to drive already...
anyonka: It would teach children how to drve?
NARClSSUS: I hope the gas prices on here don't go up like in r/l..
anyonka: Lol
hotboi764: Yes, like that, Mariah.
peaches70: I know how to drive.
anyonka: But msot people do not own them, cannot afford them, and connot afford even a loan.

hotboi764: True to that.
hotboi764: But, like I said, this is a small game.
hotboi764: May only raise your salary by 3.
hotboi764: So even if you couldn't afford one, you wouldn't be missing out on much.
anyonka: Okay. Well, good idea Ben. :D
City Hall: anyonka? Got one for peaches?

hotboi764: Thank you, Mariah.
anyonka: And as for a question for Paiton, ned to think for a minute. I
City Hall: Any candidate who wants to stay after the debate and answer questions from the audience is free to do so!
peaches70: okay
hotboi764: Alright.
hotboi764: I can stay

peaches70: i'll stay
anyonka: I wil stay
anyonka: Umm
anyonka: I have one
peaches70: okay
hotboi764: I think anyone should be able to report a platform.

anyonka: I'm just curious, what all ahve you done for Whyville so far? You have been on for about 1 year and I don't recall any T
hotboi764: As long as it is carefully looked over by City Hall, and placed back if anyonka: Times articles or anything.
peaches70: Well actually i joined in 2003 on my other account which i dont use.
City Hall: yeah - like I've got nothing better to do than review bogus 911 reports <
anyonka: I see

hotboi764: Lol xD
City Hall: :)
peaches70: I send in time articles but they dont get accepted
peaches70: ive sent in about 3
anyonka: Oh. Okay
peaches70: but ive been trying to think of new ideas that will get accepted

City Hall: Closing statements...
peaches70: okay
anyonka: Sorry I could not come up with a better question. I don't remebr your paltofmr and its not in the Times
peaches70: i rewrote my platform
hotboi764: Me too, Paiton.
City Hall: yeah - apolgies for the platforms not being in the Times - we'll post them with the debate transcript

anyonka: I'm not complaining. Simply curious what she has done.
hotboi764: City Hall, are we going to have audience questions?
City Hall: closing statements, then questions from the audience.
hotboi764: Alright.
City Hall: peaches70, ur closing statement?
City Hall: Candidates may stay after to take audience questions.

peaches70: Well,I have enjoyed being in top three and if I'm elected senator I would do my very best to hear all your ideas and hap
peaches70: en :)
City Hall: Center Stage! :)
hotboi764: Dang
hotboi764: Ok, City Hall, I'll be right back, I have to run over to my neighbors house and pick something up.
hotboi764: Should be a minute or two, ok?

City Hall: hurry back!
peaches70: And i apreaciate all my suporters
City Hall: cool! *claps*
anyonka: clap
City Hall: anyonka - ur up
anyonka: Just liek to thanks thanks to all my freidns and supporters once again.

anyonka: This race has been amazing.
yochunky: WB BEN
peaches70: wb ben
hotboi764: Sorry about that.
anyonka: I'm done..
peaches70: ur up ben
City Hall: *claps*

hotboi764: Neighbors o_O
hotboi764: clap
City Hall: no prob - ur up, hot
hotboi764: Alright.

hotboi764: Well this is my second time in top three

peaches70: vote peaches70 :)
hotboi764: I'd like to say thanks to all my supporters that helped me this time..
hotboi764: Especially franchize3,blizatch..
anyonka: Questions in a second everyone
hotboi764: Jodo68, lovepup3, bobobo6, and born2wn.
hotboi764: Check out my new platform in the Times.

hotboi764: And dont forget to Vote Hotboi764 :D
City Hall: *claps*
peaches70: VOTE FOR PEACHES70
peaches70: ^.^
anyonka: Vote anyonka!
anyonka: :D

City Hall: Nicely done, all! Thanks for your time.
hotboi764: xD
peaches70: np
City Hall: Platforms and transcripts will be in the next issue of the Times.
City Hall: Then we'll have the voting on the Welcome Page some time after that. It will be up for about a week, so you'll see it.
hotboi764: Alright :P

anyonka: Okay
peaches70: kay
City Hall: Candidates are now ready to take ur questions!!! Good luck ALL!!!


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