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So, you're walking down your street, around the mall, or to your classroom. All of the sudden, you notice these unusual looking shoes on someone's feet. Those funny looking shoes have a name. They're called "Crocs".

Many of you may have heard of them or even have a pair. They are becoming very popular. You'll see people wearing them everywhere. Why? What makes them so special you ask?

Well, these unique shoes are made entirely out of foam and have small "circulation nubs" (as crocs.com put it) that massage your feet every step you take. There are many different kinds of crocs, but I've decided to focus mainly on the original version. They call this the "Beach" model of crocs. This version has small holes cut into the top. This cools your feet and makes the shoes even more comfortable!

I suggest these be worn casually. For a more professional look, I'd suggest the "professional" version. This is basically the same but has no holes at the top. Both models have cuts made to the side of the shoe that filter water, sand, and air through the shoe. What more could you ask for in a shoe?

Crocs come in all different colors and sizes and are equally comfortable (to me). Of course, there are some people who have tried to make shoes like these. You can tell which crocs are authentic by looking at their strap. You will find on every authentic pair of crocs the word "CROCS" printed in big bold letters across the strap. Also, the small circle of rubber connecting the strap to the shoe has a tiny picture of a crocodile. Nobody can make a shoe quite like a croc so I suggest you go ahead and buy the real kind. The Beach model is $34.95 and the Professional model is $40.00.

So, have I convinced you to go ahead and buy these wonderful shoes? If so, you can buy them at www.crocs.com. You can also find local resellers on the site if you do not want to order them. I hope you have enjoyed my article and maybe will even consider getting your very own pair of these awesome shoes.

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