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Whyvillians Unite

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Whyvillians Unite!

Guest Writer

Hey! This is Smurfette! Lots of things have been happening in Whyville, but the most recent, and maybe the 2nd biggest, is the so-called "Americans vs. Canadians".

Well, this is THE STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard!!!! Whyville is NOT a place to come and start dissing other countries. If we want Whville to run smoothly, we have to forget about these political differences and become united. That may sound corny to some people, but Whyville has bigger problems to worry about, and with people fighting against each other is only making it worse.

How do you think City Hall feels right now? She's gotta lot of things going on and she does not need this! Who knows... this could be a bigger problem than you thought. To some people these little war games are fun and amusing. They find it amusing to make fun of other countries. Who knows... just because this is affecting Whyville a little, doesn't mean isn't seriously affecting the real world.

Well, there you have heard the bad side about this whole "war", but since I AM Smurfette I always have to find a good side. I think that there really is one small good thing about all this. It is teaching us how things in real life run everyday, stuff that politicians see every day. So maybe if we have seen all the negative affects that this little war has had on Whyville, we will stop things like this from affecting us in real life!!!

I'm not going to tell you those little things about each country, and what's true and what's not. You already know them. So why do you keep saying that those are really true, and keep on dissing America and Canada?

I think that we Americans and Canadians need to learn something from the rest of the world. Every day neighboring countries have to get through rough times, but guess what? They DO NOT fight. Do you know why? Because they took the time to learn about each other and see the good things about the other, and guess what they found? That they were EXACTLY alike.

Canadians and Americans are exactly alike too. So why do we fight? If you call the other country dumb or something, you are really calling yourself that, because we are both human beings. So can we just PLEEEEAASE stop these little fights and get on with our real lives, and make Whyville the way it used to be, the way it should be?

Thank you for reading this article, and I hoped you learned something from all this. Especially that we are all the same. Well, this is Smurfette signing off.




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