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Whyvillian in the Spotlight

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Hey Whyville! Fallyn here, and I am here with a nomination for Whyvillian in the Spotlight! Now, the person I chose to nominate is one of my good friends on Whyville. Her name is Caroline. Most of us like to call her Cat. Some like to call her cboos *winks at Brandon* Why cboos? Well, because her username is . . . cboosaunt!

Here's some information about Cat. She's thirteen years old and lives in LA. She's been on Whyville for ???gasp- three years! She's a y-mail helper and likes to write for the Times, with her very own column "Fashion Fanatics." Look for it.

In real life, Cat likes theater and singing and she's been in quite a lot of plays. She also likes to swim and play softball, and shopping! She's very cool!

I met Cat in Club Why and I thought she was so awesome! She was really nice to me and she said funny things and made me laugh. She even has her own planet in Club Why . . . Robertshobliflaven, or something.

She's such a fun person! She would always play fun games with us, like paramedics, psychics and the one she made up, psychiatrists! Me and my other Whyville friends always have more fun Cat enters the room.

Another thing about Cat is she's reliable. She's someone I can really trust! I've never seen her gossip, ever. I'm even sure that if she's ever done it, just a little bit, she'd apologize right away and pretend it didn't happen. I tell stuff to Cat and she listens quietly and responds with something sweet.

Cat deserves this recognition because she's a good friend, I don't care if that's not a "good" reason, it is for me. Cat's great! She's always open for making new friends, and you can even tell her your problems and she'll listen, or relate, or even ask you "how do you feel about that?" ;) winky wink.

I can always go to Cat if I need someone to talk to, because she's always there! Cat is one "Cool Cat," and that's all I have to say for now.

This is chikki999, going to look for Cat to say "oh em gee, you are WITS!!"


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