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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

Boy, so many things are happening in Whyville this week!

First of all there is the airfield and the Warp Wagon. After a disastrous first attempt at opening the airfield last week, when the Warp Wagon crashed headlong into the new airfield radio tower, Whyville engineers are giving it another try this week. So far so good -- check it out yourself, but at your own risk...

With the Warp Wagon up and running, Solstice Safari members take note! Your expedition should be departing anytime now, so get your teams organized. Keep checking in your travelog to stay up-to-date with your team.

This week, City Hall also announced the results of our Face-Off Contest. Our winner is Polygirl, with quite a landslide of votes. Read Marty's report for more details.

Last, but certainly not least, the much-awaited for Whyville T-shirt Sale is here! Starting this week you can buy a T-shirt with your Whyville face on it, so that you can show off your Whyville face all the time. Lois Lee has the story.

Let it never be said that there's not enough excitement here in Whyville.


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