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Fun Stuff to Do!

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Fun Stuff to Do!

Guest Writer
*yawn* Hayo Whyville!

Why am I yawning? Oh I dunno, because I'm bored I guess.

Well, that isn't any good, now is it? Ya... but luckily, I have some kickin' ideas to solve that!

Here's is my Trusty List of Fun... Stuff.. To Do!

  1. Get your friends and start up a game of ANYTHING!
  2. Take a nap (it's better then bein' bored and it takes up LOTS of time!)
  3. Read a book.
  4. Listen to some music and dance around.
  5. Get some music and sing your heart out!
  6. Write up a silly story.
  7. Practice anything that needs practicing (an instrument, sports moves etc...)
  8. Write an article for Whyville times (just like me!)
  9. Phone your friends.
  10. Call your radio station and request a bunch of songs.
  11. Watch a movie you like.
  12. Play with stuffed animals (hehe).
  13. Go to a friend's house.
  14. Depending on season and weather, go swimming or sledding, or play a sport.
  15. Hackey Sack.
  16. Girls -- this is for you -- do your nails, or experiment with outfits, make-up and such.
  17. Take a shower.
  18. Take a bubble bath.
  19. Draw or make a craft.
  20. Bug your brother/sister!

That's my Personal List, and some things might not apply to you. But, whatever you do -- when your parents ask "Are you bored?", just say no. And if they ever say anything for you to do that is completely crud... say, "I'm not THAT bored!"

Well, that's my outlook!




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