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Chatroom Morals

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Chatroom Morals

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I've been in Whyville for about 3 months now, and I have come to learn what the chatroom morals are, or at least what kind of vibe they have. Here is a list of most of the rooms and what they are like.

Pool Party -- Mostly oldie but goodies are in this one, everyone looks good, hardly ever any newbies, but mostly whispering, you might want to bring a friend along so you don't get bored.

Whyville Square -- Usually has people. Oldies and newbies alike are here. No whispering, which is a plus, but if you don't like newbies asking for clams, this is a no-no place to go.

Sportplatz -- This one has the most fun. You have TONS of space to do whatever you want. Beauty Contests are usually held here, so you could participate or just watch. The Clam asking is to a minimum, and both oldies and newbies stay here.

Playground -- I usually don't see too much activity here. Mostly newbies and "mediocres" in this room. It's fun to chat here though.

Sun Roof -- It's good for private things, because not many people come here. Anyone comes here just to get away with their b/f or g/f or friends just come to hang out.

Spin Speak -- Mostly for meetings, or get-togethers with friends. This is a hot spot for b/fs and g/fs.

This is Rhiney signing off.



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