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Our Whyville System

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Our Whyville System

Guest Writer

Hey everyone, this is teddyb again. I just wanted to tell you how to use our system of keep Whyville a better and safer place.

First of all, if you go and warn someone then they will get an X on their face. I am experimenting with AnnaDrew at the Playground. He got a big yellow X. If you warn him a second time it'll be red.

Now let's go to the silencing. If you press silence, then of course he will get tape over his mouth, but it'll only be visible to you.

Now, I'm going to do the permanent stuff. Well, I'm asking people at the pool party if I can, I ask pixie23 and she says YES! Finally, someone who said yes. Well, I thought she would, she is one of my very good friends. Well, it says, do you want to permanently silence pixie23? Are you sure? But I'm not really going to, although you can always change it in your address book. So don??t worry pix, just in case I do (jk!).

Now we're off to the vapourizing. It says the same thing. Then if you press 911 report it says all the reasons why you should NOT report them. And City Hall knows everything everyone said, so, if you're lying they'll know and punish you big time!

Yes, the first paragraph was boring, but in this paragraph I will tell you why we have these things. You should use warn when someone is swearing or cursing, or if they ask for other people??s passwords, or even if they're being just plain mean. Use silence if they keep saying something you do not want to hear. For the vapourize tool, you use it when someone is being a real pain and just won't stop bugging you, and you don??t want to ever have to deal with them again.

Now, the most serious one is the 911 report. You use it for stalkers, people who say cyber-sex stuff, and other dangerous people. But if you use this just for fun, you will be seriously penalized.

You can find all of this stuff on top of your bus -- look for a red phone, just click and read, there's all your information. Well, thank you so much for listening, bye.



Guest Writer

Hello, my name's Flamin32, some of you might remember me as Mike032! Well, I'm writing this article to tell you about passwords.

Yes I did say passwords. This is about why you shouldn't tell anyone your password on Whyville. One day, I was on Whyville in the Disco Room chatting (actually, bragging about how much I made), and someone asked how I got it so high. Then he asked if I would go to his account and get his salary up for him so I said, "Sure if you give me 10 clams!"

He said, "Only if you tell me your password!" So I told him mine, and he told me a fake one. As you probably already figured out, he stole all of my clams and kept the account for himself. I learnt my lesson after that!

One thing you should keep in mind when you create an account, PUT A REAL E-MAIL IN THE FORM, in the part where they ask for your parents?? email, because then they can e-mail your password back to you!

Thank-you for reading this article, this was made by Flamin32.



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