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Hey all you fashion fanatics out there! Last week I told you all about these shoes that I've seen a lot of people wearing lately, crocs. Well, unfortunately, many of you said that you weren't a fan of crocs. So, I have decided to change it up this week, and instead of advertising a store or product, I'll give you all some tips of mine. These tips will hopefully help you to make your old clothes (that still fit of course) seem like new! I hope you enjoy it!

Unless you are some sort of movie star, I doubt you have a different outfit for every day of the year. Sooner or later, you will have to re-wear an outfit. You may feel uncomfortable re-wearing your clothes over and over again. You might think that everyone will notice, "Hey! She wore that last week!" Even if you don't worry about this, I'm sure you'd like to change your wardrobe up a little bit. If so, here is something you can do!

My first tip is this. Sometimes I find myself wearing a top and bottom that I always wear together. This might not be such a good idea. It makes it a bit more obvious that you have worn that before. You can create a whole new look by just changing it up a little bit! I suggest that you mix up your tops and bottoms. This creates a lot more variety in your clothes! But, remember that an outfit is not just a top or a bottom. It is both. You have to look at what you are wearing and see if the top and bottom work well together.

Another thing you can do to "change it up a bit" is find some funky jewelry. This can make one of your old t-shirts seem brand new. It also adds a little something to your outfit and gives your peers something different to look at. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings will all work! You can find something of yours that you never wear or even something of your mom's! Both will spice things up. Try it out!

Some of you may not consider your hair a part of an outfit, but I do. Your hair contributes to your look, and wearing your hair in a ponytail all the time can get pretty boring. By changing your hair style, you are in a way, completing your outfit.

Finally, I know that this may not seem to relate to my topic, but I think it could help. When you go shopping for a new shirt or bottom, try to get something different from things you already have. Now, I love to wear the color brown, but if I wear it all the time, it'll bore some people. I suggest that when you shop, you look for something completely or almost completely different from what you already have. This gives you a nicer variety and what seems like a much bigger wardrobe!

I hope you have found my tips helpful. You can leave your opinions on my article in the BBS or y-mail me! You can also give me ideas for future columns!



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