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Beware Scammers!

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Beware Scammers!

Ripped Off Citizen

Don't buy stuff from people selling their stuff!

Hey, this is a warning to not purchase items that people are selling, that aren't bought straight from Abkar's. The reason is, you don't know for sure if they will send you the item you paid for.

This happened to me. I was in the Pool Party and a girl had lots of items on -- shirts & eyes & lips. I asked her how much she wanted for this shirt, and it was 35 clams. Then I asked her for these eyes, and she told me 30 clams. So I agreed I would send her 65 clams. (The eyes I was gonna get were only 15 at Abkar's, but I didn't know that.) I asked her to send the stuff first and I promised I would send the clams right after. She said no deal, then.

I really wanted that shirt and eyes, so I said I would send the clams first. I sent 65 clams, but never received my stuff. I found her back at the Pool Party, where she told me she'd never gotten my ClamGram, which she DID. I even got the letter back saying thanks for sending clams to so-and-so. I asked her to send them right now cause I did pay her and she knew it.

She then told me to send her 25 more clams and she would send the stuff. No way, I thought!! I wasn't getting ripped off again!

Well, I never did get my items. If you still want to buy something from someone selling on Whyville, it would be a better idea to go by some of these ideas:

  1. Only buy from someone you know and trust.
  2. If you have to send the clams first, send only HALF, and then after they send you what you asked for, send the other half
  3. If you want more than 1 item, just buy 1 at a time, so like pay the person, and see if you get your item, and if you don't, don't send more clams for the rest of the items. That way it's not a big loss of clams.
  4. Also, talk to the people around you to see if they were buying anything from the person, because they could be selling the same items to more than 1 person!

Note from Bigfoot Bill: Hey hey Whyville! Supastar0's got some great ideas here, and I wanted to add something I thought of a while back. If people want to sell you something, ask them to put it into the auction at the Trading Post. If they do that, you know the stuff is real and the price is real, and neither of you can rip off the other. Hope that works for y'all!


Password Protector

Hey people. Did you ever get the feeling that your salary was too low and you wish you could do something about it? Well, as you may or may not know, some Whyvillians go around saying that they can raise your salary for you if you give them your password. Take some advice from me: don't!

A week ago, one Whyvillian (whom shall not be named) offered to "help" me, and since my salary was low, I gave her my password. She promised not to tell anyone the password or to take all my clams away. Before I gave her my password, I spent all money, just in case she had any ideas. The next day, I tried to login, but someone -- hmm, I wonder who -- had changed my password.

I said that I had forgotten my password, but unluckily for me, I hadn??t put my e-mail address in the registration form. So, I had to plead forgiveness from Whyville.

All in all, you should never tell secret information to anyone, especially someone whom you don't know.


Petition Signer

One day I decided to go to the City Hall Petition Center. When I got there I decided to sign a few that looked good.

I signed one that said that the person would give 20 clams if he saw your signature under the petition. When I signed it I waited about one week, and I haven't seen the 20 clams yet.

This person is a thief trying to get people to sign his petition. If I were the maker of Whyville I would fine this person 20 clams for every signature there was!!! So, if you ever see a petition that says, "I will give you ___ clams if you sign this," don't sign it!



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