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I have seen the "Whyvillian in the Spotlight" articles before, and of course, they are wonderful people. But in my opinion, not one of them can even compare to my very first friend on Whyville.

I joined not too long ago, as a matter of fact, I joined in the month of September, so yes, a very short time ago. The first day I came on, I was confused with what this "clam" business was, what people meant by "PRESS 333 FOR BC," or "INVITE ME" to cars. I didn't understand the different rooms and settings, y-mails, whispering, chat license . . . I was more than overwhelmed! But then, a nice girl, or what she appears to be: a nice piece of toast, Y-mailed me: (the y-mail is still sitting in my mailbox)

"Hey senate2. I'm Ushersg, but you can just call me Toasti, or Angee, or whatever. LoL. Anyway, I noticed you at the beach, and I saw you were a Newbie (a new member) so if you ever need any help, or clams, or parts, I will be more then happy to help you. Just let me know, ushersg. =)"

This week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight is Ushersg:

She was the first to say a word to me. Most Whyvillians don't talk to Newbies, such as myself. So, I wrote Ushersg, a friendly letter back, saying I didn't understand anything and it seemed so complicated. She seemed very well educated about the matter. I think she's been on for about two or three years. She has a salary of 96 clams, a beautiful scion filled with tons of decals, and she's a bronze street team member. Anyway, she told me everything I needed to know, including tips on how you can raise your salary and get claims easily.

I asked her for clams, and without a doubt in her mind, she gave me them. I hardly know this girl and she was happy to give me a donation. I told her I would pay her back, but she insisted I took the money as a gift. She told me to get some face parts. I really wanted to be an individual, like her, instead of an average girl, like everybody else. I saw one person with this cool donut shape, it was rare, and it was very difficult to find. The trading post is still very confusing for me, so she insisted that she should go and find it. She still hasn't found it, because it is not a common thing, but she is trying her hardest to find it for me, I know it.

And I am almost positive I am not the only one who knows Ushersg or admires her, because it seems like she's very popular. Some people just know her by Toast . . . some know her by The Official Greek Theater Greeter . . . any others? All I know, is that Ushersg has been the biggest and greatest help to me.

So, I just want to say, that Ushersg has been my first and greatest friend (virtually) and has helped me to learn a lot about a really awesome website! Hopefully, one day, kharma will take its place, and give back to Ushersg of what she's given to me. Like they say, what goes around, comes around . . . hopefully she will get the recognition and the plaudits she deserves.

This is obviously dedicated to Ushersg, the nicest, funniest, and most helpful person I have ever met.



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