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Mermaid Madness

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I'm sure a lot of you have seen those new stands at the beaches -- maybe you've even bought something from them! Beach South, Beach North, even Beach Waterfall have them. Whyville is celebrating the release of The Little Mermaid on a two disc DVD set, by building new chat rooms, a game, and cool face parts, only for a few weeks, so go fast!

You've probably heard about it, it's on the welcome page. If you haven't been there, I have the pictures.

This is the waterfall room -- the stand on the left is also in the other two beaches. Here, someone is buying a tail -- if you wear it at a beach, you can just say "under the sea" to go into the underwater maze. They have the tails in several different styles.

Here is the entrance to the cave -- the last open room before the complicated maze.

And, this is the maze itself. Some of the fish want you to follow them and some of them don't! But you never know which ones are telling the truth!

Finally, after that insane never-ending maze, this is the actual sea cave, the exciting ending. If you haven't seen one of these cool events that happen here, this is a Clam Shower, where bunches of clams are bubbling out of the sea floor, the kind you can spend all over Whyville!

Well, those are all the pictures that I took of the new Little Mermaid exhibits. I hope you enjoyed them and are going to go try it yourself!

This is Britrules, not eating clams today, I'd rather be making dumb attempts at witty endings


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