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Hey there Whyvillians. I hope you're enjoying my column so far, and if you're not, then I guess that's too bad for you :) Today we will be talking about a beloved and versatile food: Eggs.

Eggs can be prepared in so many ways and can have so many different tastes. You can make eggs taste like anything you want, really. Some of the many ways to prepare eggs are the ever popular scrambled, hard boiled and poached. Eggs are also pretty good on anything, sandwiches, (eww except egg salad) mixed with rice, and even just on their own.

One of my favorite ways to eat eggs is a fried egg sandwich. All you need is an egg and a couple pieces of toast. Well bread really, but you'll need to toast it. So anyway. Melt a bit of margerine or butter in a frying pan and crack the egg into the pan. Your burner should be on about medium heat. When the egg falls into the pan the yolk should be whole but if it breaks its fine. The egg white should actually be turning white at this point. Cook it untill the white is almost completely cooked and there is still a bit of raw clear egg part on the top. Carefully flip the egg over to cook the other side.

This method of cooking the egg is over easy, but any method will do. After about 20 seconds the egg should be fully cooked, and you can put it on the toast. i sometimes like to put a slice of cheese on but it's not neecessary. It's a quick and simple breakfast. Also, if you've never tried an over easy egg before it's a cooked white part with a gooey yolk on the inside, i's very tasty and good for dipping toast in.

A common side dish in my household is rice but I personally think it's pretty bland. Cooking up some scrambled eggs and adding it to warm rice adds a different texture and taste. You can add anything you want, onions for example are also quite good in the rice or just added to the eggs.

Now don't you forget that eggs are also an ingredient in many dessert recipes such as cookies and cakes. Eggs provide tenderness, and are often used as levening agents in baked goods. Also, eggs have lots of protein!

And now as I say goodbye, I'll tell you something I'm constantly thinking about. What if you didn't mix your cake mix. You'd have like a fried egg on the top. Well actually it would be a baked egg, eww.

Yours in Whyville,


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