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What's up Whyville? Hazelgrl8 here reporting on fashion! First I'm going to ask one one simple question: Have you heard of the hairs "Fluff n Stuff" or "WhiPiinn CreMe"? You probably have. For those of you that do not know, they are known as really "rare" hairs. Fluff n Stuff is blonde and WhiPiinn CreMe is blond with pink streaks and swirls. Though, many call them "rare" some people may think some other part is "rare". It's just one huge opinion. Now, in a short period of time you're going to see me at my Pick Your Nose stage with pictures of some "rare" parts. From Hairs to Teddy Bears . . .

WhiPiinn CreMe

Fluff n Stuff

"Rare" Hand Items

Kirbys Pick and Singing In The Rain

Now you have seen some face parts that are "rare". But think about it: not everyone thinks "Kirbys Pick" is rare or "Singing In The Rain" is rare. So next time you change your look, don't change it for how "rare" the parts are, but how much you love it. And don't get intimidated by those girls with the rarest parts, just like how you look.

And by the way don't get scammed by those people asking for 15,000 clams for one hair! They need to be realistic, so don't be afraid to say no. They don't know what they're talking about if they called you a Newb. Remember to work 'feel blue because you don't have many clams . . . get into action!

This is hazelgrl8 heading to Akbars to find another (not rare) part I love


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