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Meet the Makers

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Hey Whyville! Fallyn here, writing about this month's Meet The Maker's.

There were a lot of people there at first, but only one City Worker, our dear old ScyllaCat. He told us about some funkylicious updates coming soon!

First, he told us that next week, a new WhyEat salary game will be on Whyville. I don't think you can rejoin WhyEat, but you can play this game which will raise your salary!

Then he told us that Akbar's Face Mall will be having some changes. You will be able to search for parts by price, and not only that, you will be able to search for the type of part and price at the same time! So if your salary is small and you want a hair with a price range under 25 clams, then you will be able to search for that much easier!

For all you designers out there, the Face Factory will be getting some hot changes to it too. We will be getting an eyedrop tool, so if you use a certain color that you really liked, but can't remember what it was, place the eyedropper on your forgotten color in your work, and it will tell you which color it was that you used!

We will also be getting a save button, so you can save your work before it's finished. Many of us have had a situation where we were designing in the Face Factory, when all of a sudden our mother calls us for dinner or some other reason to get off the computer, and we can't save our work. Well now you can save it, and go back to it later!

Best of all, in my opinion, the City Workers will be installing a fill tool in the face factory! No more of those dreading hours gone by of us coloring in a face part with the mouse, our mouse going slowly, making sure we don't make any mistakes. Now all we'll have to do is draw our face part and click -- it will be colored, just like that.

Here are some uber cool pictures from the meeting:


Some people started to get a wee bit emotional.

Awww, I think it's about time that someone took his nap right now, am I right?

Nice, Shane. xD

It was an awesome meeting! It got quite funny near the end. And it was nice to see Scylla! Hope to see you all next month, at the next Meet The Makers!

This is Chikki999 . . . uhhh I literally just spent the last five minutes thinking of a catchy signing off phrase, but I'm not doing anything interesting so I'll just say bye!
*clicky click*


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