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Emergency Darfur: Rwanda Repeated

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What is happening in Sudan -- War? It's more than war. Over 400,000 innocent people, almost all of them women and children have been killed in Darfur. Imagine sitting in a room eating with your family when a clan of Janjaweed militia bursts in and kills everyone! Imagine wandering through an overcrowded refugee camp after seeing your family killed.

Thousands of people face torture, murder and rape in Sudan. Others die of lack of food, water and health care. Two and a half million were displaced and have either escaped across the border to Chad, or are in refugee camps that are scattered across the desert.

Before this genocide, Sudan was in the midst of a civil war. In January 2005, the war ended with the signing of a peace agreement, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Now the Janjaweed, an Arab militia recruited by the Sudanese government, are killing the three main black African ethnic groups, the Fur, Zaghawa, Massaleit, and many others.

Now you know what's going on in Sudan, (you might have known that before) you know something needs to be done. What can you do? I found two fun things you can do outside of Whyville.

1. Hold a slumber party and play the movie Hotel Rwanda for your guests. It is rated Pg-13 for violence, brief strong language and disturbing images. Use a shoebox as a donation bow and ask your guests to bring donation money. Hotel Rwanda is a true story about the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Tell your guests that a similar thing is going on in Darfur, and the donation money will be donated to help end the Darfur genocide (which it will be).

2. Start a Save Darfur campaign in your school or high school. Tell everyone what is going on is Darfur and what they can do. Have a donation box and donate all the money to one of the following charities: Africa Action, STAND, Genocide Intervention, World Vision, or any other Darfur projects you find.

These are the websites where I found the information for this article. I couldn't put all the information from all of them in my article, so you'll have to read them yourself if you'd like to know more.





Thank you for reading this and please do everything you can to help the people of Sudan.


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