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Why War Zone?

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Why War Zone?

Guest Writer

Hi everyone, this is derik45 here, writing for the Times. This is mostly for everyone who hates those darn hitterz. They tick me and ChrisW off, it's just like, *UGH*!! They always ask, "Hi, are you single?" all the time and that's soo annoying! Whenever you're trying to chat with your friends they bother you.

There should be a rule for hitters to stop. There should be a special place on Whyville like another chat room for only peeps that need a boyfriend or girlfriend, like a singles' room where all da hitterz could hang out!

My gang and everyone is getting pissed off at hitterz, we always have to go to somebody's room, like cy0sk8's house, Nethrwrld's house, ChrisW's house, Bmxking's house etc, so we can get away from those hitterz. Hitterz should have a room called Singles Only -- please City Hall, make Whyville a hitter-free place.

All my friends, they all hate hitterz: like ChrisW, I asked him and he said: "I HATE HITTERS END OF STORY."

And when I asked Tarheel, he said: "We need to stop hitterz."

And when I ask cy0sk8 he said: "Hitters must stop, I hate hitters, they're stupid."

If anyone asked me, I would say the following: "OK, this is what I think: I HATE HITTERZ, I WANT THEM TO LEAVE!! I HATE ALWAYS LEAVING THE ROOM, BUT I HAVE TO CUZ THOSE DARN HITTERS PISS ME OFF, SORRY TO SAY BUT THEY DO!" That's what I would say.

So please City Hall, help stop hitters! If anyone doesn??t know what a hitter is, this is my explanation:

  • They always ask you out.
  • They keep on saying, "You're hot and cute!"
  • They always, and I mean always, stay beside you and flirt with you non-stop!

Now that's some, but there's more, but I don't wanna name them all. Well, thanx for your time!

This is Derik45, tellin you my story.

This is Derik45 loggin off... loggin... off... loggin off... this darn thing doesn??t wanna log off... loggin off... logged off... FINALLY!


Guest Writer

This is hottie570 coming to you live from the Whyville Playground! As you all know who were in the Playground on May 21st at 3:09 Whyville time, you know what I'm going to talk about!

I'm talking about the swearing and the racist talk that was going on... all the stuff Marz was yelling and asking has anybody seen sourpatch... someone else was swearing and saying, "F u!!" and "shut the F up!" That's no good, and then larz and lissa888 were yelling at each other about racism and just blowing up... Bunny68 was swearing at marz and a girl was saying she was a hook... you know what I said and that's just horrid!!!

So I ask all you Whyvillians, what is our net world coming to??? Soon we will be wearing war hats and have grenades with us!!! Lolz, hopefully that won't happen!

I am scared to come on Whyville when my parents are home, in case they see us swearing and saying bad things. If they do, I'm afraid they won't let me come on anymore, and then it's back to old neopets.

I don't know what Whyville is coming to, so please stop, all of you! I know who you are and you know who you are, just please stop!!! Whyville is turning into a war zone and I don't want to be caught in the middle!!!





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