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The Case of Peman74

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The Case of Peman74

Guest Writer

Hi I'm Flygurl8. And I'm here to tell you a true story and not a fake one! In one of the latest issues of the Times, City Hall said that she gave Peman74 his account back! Well, I think she shouldn't have, because I know he stole my account Whyville1 not too long ago.

He stole my password and changed my e-mail just like it happened to Bigdaddy, and then next day I tried to get on but I couldn't! So I tried and tried but I couldn't get on, so I tried the next day and it still didn't work! So I tried the next day. It worked; he gave me my password back, but when I got back on it, it said I had been banned from Whyville! I love Whyville and would never want to do anything bad!

I have sent a bunch of letters, but they won't let me back on! And how did I know Peman74 did it? I was talking to him on AOL Instant Messenger because I knew him, and one day we got into a fight and he said don't worry, whyville1, I'll get you back you just watch! And then in the next few days I was kicked off!

Please help me with this problem or put me back on, please City Hall!

Well I guess I better be going now, I'm trying to go work around the house so I can get some money to sign up for Club Y. Bye!




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