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For those of you who don't know, last issue I told you all about some things I have seen a lot of people wearing lately. Shortly after sending that article in, I sent it to a friend of mine on Whyville. She read it and told me that she didn't like the fact that it was all about the "cool kid trends" and the "cool kid stores" . I, worried that others may have the same reaction to my article, posted this in the BBSs of my column:

"This may not have ANYTHING to do with any of your posts, but I just thought I should say this. Soon after sending in my article, I sent it to a friend of mine to read. She told me she didn't like the fact that it had all the cool stores with the cool trends that cool people wear. I didn't mean to make my article seem like that was what it was all about. I was simply listing some of the many different trends people set that I actually liked. Following all trends or even most of them isn't what I would consider "cool". By following trends that aren't even you, you aren't being yourself. You're being someone else. You should only wear things because you like them . . . not because everyone else is wearing them . . . Maybe you like those things I told you about . . . maybe you don't . . . if you don't . . . don't wear them! I'm sorry if I made it seem like that is what the cool people wear or something. What you wear isn't what makes you cool. I just liked these things and saw that many people wear them . . . so I wrote about them. Once again . . . sorry. v.v (Pardon my grammatical errors XD)"

I am so glad that my friend was honest with me. If she would have just told me it was great and not what she really thought about it, I wouldn't have realized how off I sounded in my article. I also wouldn't have come up with the idea for this week's column. What is that idea you ask? Well, it is a question that I pondered before writing that thread. That question is: Can clothing make you cool?

I think you know my opinion. No, clothing can not make you cool, but a lot of people do think it can. There are places that people consider the coolest places to shop and things that people consider the coolest things to wear. They're called trends, and they eventually fade away, and new trends take their place. A lot of people think that you are not cool if you don't follow these trends. On the other hand, if you have your own style and wear it with confidence, this can be considered cool. I believe that coolness should be based on personality and who you are as a person, and your personality is reflected in your style.

Now, I am not saying following trends is a bad thing. I only find it to be a bad thing if you don't really like the trend; you only follow it to fit in. Wear what you like. If you're really unique, people may talk about what you wear. It may be good; it may be bad. Don't let what they say stop you from being who you are. If they can't accept you for you, ignore them. You have no need to impress them because they probably wouldn't make good friends anyway. Who knows? Maybe other people will see what you wear and like it. You'll get compliments galore and maybe even set your own trend!

There is a line between uniqueness and ridiculousness though so don't overdo it. Wearing rainbow knee highs, heels, and capris together isn't unique, it's tacky. Don't expect people to show up at school the next day with an outfit similar to that. Wear something that you like. If that is what you like, maybe you could buy a few magazines and look for an article on what goes together and what doesn't. It couldn't hurt.

So, next time you go to the mall, don't look at something and think, "This is something (insert cool person's name here) would wear." Look at it and think, "This is something I would wear!" It is easy to wear what everyone else is wearing, but discovering your very own style is rewarding!

I wanted you all to hear others' opinions, not just mine, so I decided to interview a few Whyvillians. Here is what I got.

Cboosaunt: In today's society, is clothing what makes a person cool?
dartanian: I don't think so. People start in kindergarten where no one cares about anything and no one cares what you wear. But as you get older and start making your own decisions on who your friends are, you also make decisions on what you wear. People split up into different groups of friends and meet new people. If people like you then you'll be their friend. It just might be the cool kids that like you, and generally they may judge you at a first glance on what you are wearing, so in part, I suppose so.
chikki999: Partly, yes, but not all. I mean, now-a-days, people really judge others by the clothes you wear, like if you walk down the street dressed head to toe in camouflage, there will be someone who will laugh at you. But clothes don't always make you cool, although to me it's pretty important to look nice. If you wear a really ugly frumpy shirt, I wouldn't stop thinking you were cool if you were a close friend, but if someone came up to me dressed in stretch pants, a sports jacket, a fanny pack and big white running shoes/socks with sandles, I'd probably just be like, "Let's go about our separate ways today . . ." xD
kirbie393: It's part of it, but a lot really depends on where you live. At my old school clothes really mattered if you were trying to be cool. A lot of people judged you on what you wore. Where I live now, though, people could care less what you wear. It's mostly personality that matters.
bluebag: In a way, yes. Although we may not like it, several people judge people's "coolness" on how the dress, act, talk, etc., and frankly it's a like stereotyping. By doing that, we literally put people in boxes and label them, and that's exactly like stereotyping. It drives me crazy when people do that, and I think it needs to stop.
tbear10: At my school, yes. But at my school everyone stereotypes. I don't think it's what makes a person cool. At my school, if you get a designer handbag, people will talk to you more than usual, but if you wear an old pair of jeans, everyone will just ignore you. I don't think that clothing makes a person cool because that's like stereotyping.

Cboosaunt:What do you think "coolness" should be based on rather than the clothes a person wears?
dartanian: How about everyone just has their own friends and no one is any cooler than each other.
chikki999: Smart, funny, easy going . . . and dresses nice, haha
kirbie393: Just personality. Confident, easygoing, easy to talk to, all that jazz. ;)
bluebag: Personally, I don't think coolness or popularity matters, but I guess if you know the right kind of people and are smart and act a certain way.
tbear10: Oh wow. Umm, cool, to me, is being kind and generous to other people, no matter what they look like, or how they dress. I think personality is what makes a person cool, like if they're nice, or generous.

Cboosaunt:Why do you wear the clothes you wear and shop at the stores you shop at?
dartanian: I wear the clothes I wear because I think it's what looks good on me. I'm not going to intentionally wear something that makes me look fat, but I won't wear something just because someone else is wearing it. Maybe if it looks nice on me, but I'm not one to follow trends.
chikki999: The stores I shop at have clothes that look nice on me, with styles that I like!
kirbie393: Honestly, I just wear whatever I like. If it looks good, is comfy and isn't too expensive, I'll wear it. I could care less about brand names - which isn't to say I don't wear them (I like me some Converse :D) but I don't actively pay attention to the trends.
bluebag: I dress the way I dress (which, I might add, is very interesting and weird) because I like it. Personally, I don't care what people think of me, and tend to wear weird outfits.
tbear10: Uh . . . Because I like the designs and they fit me.

Cboosaunt: Has anyone ever made fun of you because you don't wear the same clothes they wear or don't shop at the places they shop at?
dartanian: No, and they'd be stupid if they did no one does that here.
chikki999: Hah, yes but I didn't care. They were girls who were trying to be snobs.
kirbie393: I've been called a conformist once or twice, but hey, those kinds of people call everyone who doesn't look exactly like them a conformist.
bluebag: Yeah, and although I didn't like it, it made me dress more like a freak. Whee.
tbear10:Thankfully, no.

Cboosaunt: Have you ever followed a popular trend? What were your reasons for following it?
dartanian: Jelly bracelets because I thought they looked nifty XD
chikki999: I have followed trends, but not because everyone was wearing it. I just really liked the style. Like Mukluks!
kirbie393: Like I said, yay Converse! I also wore scads of jelly bracelets as per the trend a few years back. I've probably followed a few others without even realizing it. I just go by what I think looks good.
bluebag: I can't say that I remember following a trend, except maybe once or twice. And it was those glittery purses thing.
tbear10: Heck yes I have! Livestrong wristbands, layered shirts, wearing pajamas to school xD. And I liked all of em'.

Cboosaunt:On a scale of 1-10, How much do you agree with this statement: You shouldn't wear something if you don't like it, even if everyone else is wearing it.
dartanian: 10. You should wear what you feel comfortable in. If that happens to be a plaid vest then fine, whatever floats your boat.
chikki999: 8.5. Wear what you want to. But if you're a really bad dresser and know it, go for whatever anyone else looks in. Maybe it will look nice on you =D
kirbie393: 8. I don't really care what other people are wearing but I can't speak for everyone. If going with the flow is important to you then go ahead and follow the trends.
bluebag: 10. All the way. If you don't like it, why wear it? It'll only make you a clone.
tbear10: 10, 10, 10!

Cboosaunt: On a scale of 1-10, How much do you like fashion?
dartanian: I like to be fashionable in a sense that I don't look like an idiot, but I won't spend hours picking out an outfit that matches. So I guess a 6.
chikki999: 10! I wanna be a fashion designer!
kirbie393: 6. =D I'm fashion-impaired.
bluebag: Oh, 9. I don't have job interests involving fashion, and I'd like to do something other than fashion, but it's okay.
tbear10: Oooh lala. 10. =)

Cboosaunt:Finally, On a scale of 1 to 10, How thoroughly and honestly do you think you answered my questions?
dartanian: 10
chikki999: 10
kirbie393: 10
bluebag: 10
tbear10: 9.9

I wanted to throw out other people's opinions on this too, not just mine. So, there you have it! Hopefully you all read through my article and at least found some truths in it! You can leave your opinions in the BBS or y-mail them to me! I am still open to any article ideas you all may have (though I have an idea for my next article)! Now, I am going watch the ending to Dancing With The Stars! Bye Bye!



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