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The Most Fantastic Place

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The Most Fantastic Place

Guest Writer

Hey! It's KarateKid, with a little bit of mind. No no, I'm not MAD or anything, I'm just gonna tell you what I think is going on. Some of you may or may not agree with me, but please just listen.

Whyville. What do I think of when I say Whyville? Well, at present, two things: fun place to hang out and chill, AND... worrying about logging in and getting the "I'm sorry that's not the password we have for you" screen.

Notice that I said "at present" -- a long time ago, there was only ONE thing that entered my mind: Fun place to Hang out and chill, and NO 'and'. You see? This is the problem! Whyville is slowly taking a turn for the worse!

No no, I don't mean that Whyville is becoming less fun! If anything, Whyville is expanding and making everything so much better! What I mean by 'taking a turn for the worse' is that people are hacking into other people's accounts, swearing, cursing, and basically harassing everyone else!

And this whole thing about not enough funding for Whyville -- it all started because Whyville's citizens were being bad and swearing, and this Administrator (I guess, I'm not sure, but I do know that someone saw some of what was happening and didn't like it) said, "Hey, get off our grounds!" And this all led to Whyville not having enough funding. If everyone had been nice and caring, Whyville wouldn't have a problem and we wouldn't have to e-mail Oprah, and we wouldn't need Club Why (even though it is cool).

Come on Whyville! Why can't we all just get along? If you want clams, instead of hacking into someone ELSE'S account, maybe you could just ask a friend and PROMISE to pay them back (and please, do pay them back) or just wait. Remember, someone else worked hard for those clams and it really isn't fair that you just freeloaded and took them all.

Swearing and Cursing: Geez people! There are OTHER ways of dealing with a mean or bad person (which there really shouldn't be any of, here in Whyville). If you know the person in real life, don't pollute Whyville by talking and fighting in one of the Rooms. If you don't know them, then just y-mail that person, or use one the tools Whyville now has. Or use the old fashioned way: Ignore them!!! If they start throwing projectiles, who cares? It's virtual, you're not really getting hit by a water balloon or mudball. And it doesn't even stay on for that long. It goes away!

If everyone had some self-control, or used the resources we have available, Whyville could be the Most Fantastic Place in the ENTIRE World!!!

I mean it! I love Whyville. My friend Spockdog introduced me to this place and I'll admit, I wasn't too happy with it when I first arrived, 'cause I didn't have any clams and I had a very hard time building my house. But I came back and I figured it all out. And I'm VERY glad I did.

Well, that??s just what I think, if you disagree or agree with me, please y-mail me, I love to hear from my Fellow Whyvillians!




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