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The Secret Life of Whyville Halloween

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Lately, I have been asking myself, what is the so-called "Old Whyville"? I have not been on Whyville long enough to understand what "Old Whyville" really is! I was dying to find out, so I did a little sleuthing, and found the answer!

As it turned out, it was all right in front of us! And I'm sure, a lot of you didn't even know it! So, in the spirit of Halloween I decided to let you in on some of the secrets!

First, I did a little poking around on the Whyville Times, and found and interesting article regarding a haunted house and Dr. Leila's secret stash of candy!

Supposedly every Halloween Dr. Leila leaves a pot of candy on her doorstep, around her house or just floats around town. If you click on this magical candy, you are supposed to somehow end up in a Haunted house.

The people of Whyville have referred to this house, mostly as "The Hauntington House". This house contains a hallway, a dining room, stairs and a super spooky dark room. Spiders move, eyes blink, and worms wiggle and the stairs just keep going and going.

But how, do you ask escape this dark realm? There are hidden exits in the dining room and dark room, but the actual locations are unknown.

The real exit to this house is to just ask your bus driver to take you to safety! But why is he acting so strange? He is no longer himself. You may not even be able to rely on his services to safety . . .

For all you adventure seekers, beware when entering that house. Things may just get stranger and stranger . . .

So this is Rainybow, signing off. Stay tuned for more of Whyville's scariest secrets!


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