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Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this week's column, and I especially hope that it helps you become a smart shopper.

There comes a time in everyone's life when you buy something but regret it later, and if you're like me, you hate having to return things. This means that you're either stuck with the clothing, or you have to go through the agony of returning it. Fortunately, by following these tips, you can prevent shopping mistakes from happening and become a smart shopper!

I consider impulse buying to be the biggest mistake a shopper can make. Impulse buying is when you see something and buy it just to buy it. You don't necessarily love the item, and you'll most likely regret buying it later on. I remember my mom telling me what an impulse buy was when I was younger and thinking to myself, "I do that a lot." Luckily, I've learned from my mistakes, and though I sometimes do impulse buy, it doesn't happen too often. Impulse buying can be a big waste of money especially if you're on a budget. Take your time when you're shopping. Look around for a while; don't buy the first thing you see. You may come upon something you really love later on but won't be able to buy it because you blew all your money already.

Not trying things on and going by the size on the tag can be a big mistake too. Remember, every store's sizes are different. You could be a two at one store, but a six at another. Always try things on before you buy them. You know what fits you; a tag on a shirt doesn't.

What a tag on a shirt or pair of pants does know is what the clothing is made of and how you should wash it. Remember that cotton shrinks so if you want to buy something that is 100% cotton, buy it a size bigger or let it air dry rather than put it in the dryer. Also, look at the tag before you buy it so you can see how you're supposed to wash it. If a tag says "hand wash only", but you don't want to take the time to do that, it is probably best that you don't buy the item.

One of the most aggravating (to me at least) mistakes a shopper can make is not noticing sales that are coming up. Be sure to ask a worker when their next sale is before you buy something. I remember seeing a shirt on display at American Eagle a while back, and I really liked it. Unfortunately, I wasn't loaded with money, and the shirt was kind of expensive. A couple of weeks later I saw the same exact shirt on sale, and I was able to buy it! If I were impatient, and I just bought it right then and there, I would've wasted quite a few dollars. Patience people! I'm not saying you shouldn't ever buy something full price, but it'd be kind of dumb to buy something at full price the day before it goes on sale!

You may think this fits in with impulse buying and that may be, but I think it deserves a paragraph of its own. Let's not buy mini skirts, tank tops, and bikinis in the middle of winter. I am guilty of this, and I guess it isn't always a bad thing. If you buy clothes out of season (which are usually on sale) a bit big so that they can fit you when they are in season, that can be considered smart shopping. When you buy tank tops and short shorts that only just fit you, and you really plan on wearing them in that 20 degree weather, prepare to freeze!

You may remember me mentioning these things in previous articles, but I thought they fit in nicely with this article too. When shopping, always look for something different from anything you already have so it doesn't seem as if you're wearing the same thing all the time. You don't want your wardrobe only to consist of one color; do you? It might be a good idea to look through your wardrobe before you go shopping so you don't go ahead and buy the same or close to the same thing. I also mentioned in a previous column (last week's) that you should buy what you like, not what everyone else likes (or what they appear to like considering they are wearing it.) If you don't feel comfortable in all those trendy things, you aren't going to look comfortable. So, don't get them! Get what you like and what you feel comfortable in.

Finally, the last tip I'm going to give you is something you may find the least important, but it really is important. Never shop in a rush because it can lead to impulse buys and all of those other mistakes!

I hope my column has helped you to become a smart shopper! You can tell me what you thought of it by y-mailing me or posting in the BBS! Be sure to check out my next column! Now, I'm going to bed! Goodnight everyone!


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