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Halloween Hysteria

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Boo! Did I scare you? Most likely not, but perhaps Whyville's own Haunted House did! As we all know, October 29th was the special day of the year when Dr. Leila's house magically transformed into the Hauntington Mansion . . but only if you knew the password.

The week proceeding to the opening of the house, more and more people(including myself) began worrying over if we would find the password in time. Whyvillians even began forming in groups to try and brainstorm what a possible password might be. But then one day as I entered the Pool Party, I needn't ponder further. A city worker (GuavaLeaf, I think) told us if we wanted to know the password to the Haunted House, that we should go to the Hangar!

Of course, no one could resist, so we quickly went to the Hangar, where we were all told the password was alucard (backwords for Dracula). Rest assured I could enter to the Halloween Party, I left to find a costume, and wait for the big day.

On the day of the 29th, everyone began counting the hours left until entrance to the party became possible. Heading to Dr. Leila's 40 minutes early (I wanted to make sure I could get in. Lol) When I walked in, it was packed! Many Whyvillians were as eager to get in as I was. Tension rose as waiting time grew less, until finally it was time. "ALUCARD!" We all shouted, and then the unbelievable happened.

My screen flicked to a spooky scene-Dr. Leila's home transformed into a spooky mansion, complete with a ghost! Even our bus driver had gotten into the Halloween spirit, and we couldn't even rely on him to drive us to safety. As far as I know, there were only 2 ways to exit the house, but I'll keep that a secret for you to find out. :)

Upon exploration of the Haunted House, I found that other rooms included the inside of her house, a dining room, the "Eye Room", the Never-Ending Staircase, and two different rooms for the graveyard. In the Eye Room, it was pitch black, except for multiple pairs of flashing eyes. And in the graveyard, if you hit a tombstone with Halloween projectiles until the number said "0", there would be a mini-clamstorm! Other perks of the house could be found on a scroll the ghost in front of Dr. Leila's held.

During the party, a costume contest was occurring as well. Cries of "Vote for me!" and "Vote for vote!" were common sites in every room. A glowing pumpkin in front of Dr. Leila's showed the top 20 most voted in the contest, and the top 5 ended up getting free one-month Whypasses! (I ended up getting 9th :}). I even managed to get a few pictures for everyone to enjoy!

All in all, it was an amazing party that I'll never forget, and I will definately be reutrning next year.

Well this is MizAlyzza, signing off to go make a name for herself.


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