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Hi everybody Angalgirl here presenting you this week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight, but enough about me let's get on with it shall we. Drum roll please -- this week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight is . . . Writer01.

I think she deserves this recognition because when I was new to Whyville I had no idea what to do. The newbie pamphlets helped a little bit. Then I learned about Y-mail helpers so I went to the bottom of the bus menu and saw a bunch of Y-mail helpers. I looked through all the people and writer01 caught my eye -- she just looked nice.

So I clicked on her picture and Y-mailed her a question. The next day she mailed me back with an answer. We stated mailing each other back and forth. Then one day I felt as if I was bothering her she never told me that I just felt it. So one day I told her I'd stop writing to her so much. Her reply was "You don't have to!". At that point I knew we were going to be friends. So I asked to be my friend and she said yes. I thanked her for being my friend and talking to me even though I was a Newbie. She simply replied with an honest????? "You'??????re welcome."

What do I know personally about writer01 besides the fact that her name is Jamie Lynn. She has been on Whyville for three years and she is a female who lives in Canada. I don't know much about her personally but I do know she was my first and only friend on Whyville.

-Angalgirl over and out


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