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Announcements, Announcements

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Announcements, Announcements

Why-School Organizer

Remember me? I wrote an article about Why-Schooling systems. Well, I would just like to say I'm very impressed with everyone! I recieved so many Y-mails from so many very smart people.

But, I still have a problem that needs to be fixed. I need MORE students. I think I have 2 registered so far. But we have more than enough teachers, thank you all for signing up!

If you're interested in becoming a why-student and getting help with homework and such, please, feel free to y-mail me, ToMMyGrL!


Departing Citizen

This is a sincere good-bye from a fellow Whyvillian! I quit on Sunday, June 3.

Why, do you ask? Well, first of all, I'm way too busy and I'm addicted to it! I need to take time away!

So please don't write Y-mails to me or anything. And I'm sorry, Chris12, you have and always will be my future/present/past sweetie! And for you, tarheel... nothing. Good bye, Grinchboy, Vixen, Vamp, Koolbabe, Cutie02, Sweetie4, Gant, DAPT and many many other close friends.

All my parts (except the ones I'm wearing) will be going to Grandma's, so keep your eyes open!

And thank you, City Hall, for making my time as a fellow Whyvillian a good experience!! I hope all goes well with WASA and Club Why. I hope that we get sponsors so that the learning can keep on going for free. I hope that you plan and create many other games. I hope you expand into an actual life-like environment where you can learn more life skills, like having a car, getting in accidents, re-pairs, gas, and tune-ups, and managing jobs and earning a good salary.

And why quit now? Because summer is coming along and some might think I need Whyville over the summer, but I don't. I don't want to have to worry about stocking parts, collecting my salary, answering y-mails and other things!

I thought I might keep my quitting quiet but no I'm Going To Say It Loud And Proud! GOOD BYE WHYVILLE, AND BEST OF LUCK BECAUSE I, SLUSHY (AKA LUCASLUV), AM QUITTING!

Logging off for the last time, (hugs and kisses)

Slushy aka lucasluv aka caramel!



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