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'Tis The Season to Be Jolly!

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Fa la la la la, la la la la! How many of you have noticed there's snow in Whyville? *Puts hand up!* I certainly have!

I have divided this article into two sections:
1.Perfect Presents for Friends on Whyville
2.Perfect Presents for Real Life

Section One

If you are looking for a present for someone on Whyville, it will be easy. Type in "Santa Claus Hat" and you can pick out a hat.

You can also type in "BFF" and choose two things, one for you and one for your BFF.

If you're looking for a Christmas-like top, type in "Christmas Top" to view a cool looking top. Other choices include typing in 'present' if you want a cool but wacky gift, or 'drink' for a gift of hot chocolate!

You can buy a super cool outfit for your friend of a "red headband, green eyes, red lips, and green shirt". She'll love the holiday outfit. You can even search for a "Christmas Tree". I hope you find a present to give to your friend!

Section Two

For real-life presents, I have a lot of suggestions. For parents, you can make a homemade present (of course). You could also get a cup that says "#1 Mom", or "#1 Dad". If you want something creative, get a picture of you and them. Get a snazzy picture frame, and decorate it. Put the picture in, and write a message on the back of the frame. For moms, you could always get perfume of jewelry. For dads, you could get a new baseball cap or a new sweatshirt/polo.

For grandparents and aunts and uncles, you could give them a new sweater/sweatshirt since winter isn't over just yet. Maybe if your parents okay it and you live close by, you could go there and sing Christmas carols. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles always will love something you made. You could even knit a scarf or place mat!

For friends, you could get a CD or their favorite DVD. I'm assuming you know what kind of stuff your friend's like since they are your age. You could always get them a good book and a homemade bookmark!

I hope I have helped you with gifts for your friends and family. Happy Holidays!

This is jayne1004, going to make my wish list.


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