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To Warn or Not to Warn?

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To Warn or Not to Warn?

Guest Writer

To warn or not to warn? That is the question. Well, according to numerous Whyvillians with complaints, they are leaning on the 'not to warn' side.

There have been many cases recently in which immature Whyvillians randomly warn anyone in sight. This is not the purpose of the warning system... is it?

Sure, there are those people who definitely act wrongly and something should be done to them... but if you warn someone to show other people that he is bad, he'll just warn you back! Then wouldn't other people think you are bad also??

With all of the new tools in Whyville (vaporizing, silencing, 911 reporting), many people question -- WHY DO WE NEED WARNING?

It all started out from a good idea to mainly focus on those older, strange adults who like to mess with children's minds or just plain rude people. Well, sure, it could still be used for that, but truthfully, if I saw some other kid being harassed by an adult, I would definitely report them instead of just warning!

This warning thing has gotten out of hand and many would agree that it is basically useless right about now (except to start a fight!).

If you feel the same way as I do about this, then please go and sign the petition by Joanna called 'To Warn or Not to Warn' and hopefully, we will actually be able to do something about this.

Adios mis amigos!

And by the way... you should NOT warn when:

  1. A person does not want to give away clams or face parts.
  2. You just feel like warning someone.
  3. Someone does not answer when you talk to them (they may be busy or maybe you just are not loaded on their computer!).

Thanks for listening!




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