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Hello Whyvillians, it's chump1! When I think of somebody for spotlight I think of someone who's my best friend. Although I have a lot I only picked one. This person is the best and always will be, and this person is . . . Dragracin!


Dragracin started Whyville on Monday, Feb 13, 2006. Dragracin is 12 years old. She has two sisters and two brothers. I wish I had a brother or a sister =D.

Dragracin plays a lot of spots like basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis, and she also loves football. She drag races jr. dragsters. She is very very out going. She is in a club called the "Beta Club." She has a lot of friends in real life and in Whyville. She has a dog named Cassie and a cat named Crystal. She once accidently killed my hamster o.o. That's very sad :(.

She hates it when people call her rich. I don't care if she's rich or not. She's my BFF. We hang out a lot. We like chatting on AIM Habbo and a lot more. She loves the song called "White and Nerdy".

Dragracin has one scion and owns a hosue by tay68.

Dragracin is one of my heroes. She's always been there for me when I was in trouble :). She loves having parties at the disco. I don't like the music that much. It seems like I've known Dragracin all my life. We've been friends for eight months straight. I've been counting on my toes :D.

Well this was my article about the wonderful Dragracin. Thanks for reading my article.

ChUmP1 signing off, bye everybody!
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