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Share the Wealth

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Share the Wealth

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I will start off with my friend and mine's conversation.

Skibby222: I'm on Whyville, are you?
WlmrtAmericus: Yea. I just got my clams up to 54!
Skibby222: Good job! Mine's only 26, lol.
WlmrtAmericus: Ahh major newbie fight in pool party... Why can't everyone just get along?
Skibby222: Oh shuttt uppp!
WlmrtAmericus: HAhaha right I'm so happy Whyville is back. I love it. I can't go on without it!
Skibby222: If u love it so much, marry it! Haha
WlmrtAmericus: I should! LoL, I might get lotsa clams!
Skibby222: Riggghhhhttt.

Whyville is beginning to be tainted!

I walked around in Whyville one day and I was in the square. I saw a girl without a face so I asked her, "How long have you been in Whyville?"

She replied, "A couple days." (At the time, I was oblivious to the fact that "newbies" -- which shouldn't even be called newbies! That's mean and I think it's one of the leading reasons Whyvillians hate them -- but anyways... at the time, I didn't know that new people couldn't even TALK until they visited for a week!). So I asked her if there was anything I could do to help her and she acted SO nice to me! She called me pretty and she said so many nice things to me! And when I went to City Records I looked up her name and saw her salary was 60! I was very upset.

Later that day I saw a guy who also had no face... the same thing happened and when I looked him up: his salary was 52!

A sad thought raced through my head "Have Whyvillians actually resorted to this kind of trickery, just to get clams?" I really hope that isn't the case.

As for Vamp's article about Canadians and Americans, I would like to add some new information. A Whyville boy I know was so happy one day when he y-mailed me, boasting "I have a girl friend! She's so pretty and nice". I was sooo happy for him, being a newbie and everything. I have to admit, I was sortof confused why someone that pretty and nice (I'd also heard she was really popular) wanted to go out with a newbie. Then, a couple days later my friend y-mailed me: "I'm so upset. I'm probably leaving Whyville for good." I was really freaked out! I thought I was losing one of my good friends!

I y-mailed him back immediately and he explained what happened. The girl he was dating was Canadian, and he was American. The whole dating was just a trick a bunch of Canadians played on Americans!

I admit I myself have held a little hostility to both groups, being English. But I recently got over it when my friend learned to break his own hatred and is now dating a Canadian.

I think we should try to get back to the past, where everyone donated to Grandma's, everyone "shared the wealth" and nobody was hurtful to newbies. I ask you, is it that much of a problem to donate stuff YOU DON'T EVEN WEAR! Help out a newbie once in a while! Think about what you did when you were a newbie! I bet YOU got donations! Give back to Whyville!

~If you ever need anything, talk to me or HackMonky!~

Friend to ALL,



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