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Hey there Whyvillians! I would like to tell you about a great program I started called S.T.A.R. and why I created it! S.T.A.R. stands for Stop That Avatar Racism! I created this because I felt that most Whyvillians are constantly judging people on how they decorated their face. Whyvillians are feeling left out just because nobody wants to talk to them based on the way they look. Read these interviews between me and the Whyvillins that are being discriminated against. One of their names have been removed on her request.

123pinky: Does it ever seem that people ignore you based on the way you look?
Whyvillian: Ya but I have friends so it doesn't really bug me.
123pinky: Do you ever judge people based on their avatar?
Whyvillian: Not really.
123pinky: Any other comments on the subject?
Whyvillian: I wish people would get to know a person instead of just judging them by their avatar.
123pinky: Thank you!

123pinky: Can I interveiw you for the Times?

xoxoWAVE: Sure.
123pinky: Have you ever felt that people ignored you because of the way you look?
xoxoWAVE: Ya, I was always made fun of my old nose. Also when I was new I got made fun of a lot.
123pinky: Have you ever made fun of someone?
xoxoWAVE: No. I feel that if you are mean to someone, they will get you back. I love helping Newbies.
123pinky: Any other comments? On the subject of course! lol
xoxoWAVE: I think all the Newbies should get treated like Oldbies. Everyone should be treated equally.
123pinky: Thank you!

Now that you have heard some real kids like you express how they feel about this, let's hear from those kids that are the offenders themselves in a couple more interviews (hang in there)! Once again, the names have been removed upon request!

123pinky: Can I interveiw you for the Times?
Whyvillian: Okay.
123pinky: Do you only talk to the people that look like Oldbies?
Whyvillian: Ya.
123pinky: Do you ever make fun of kids that don't have a face with the "right look"?
Whyvillian: Not really cause that's their business so (sticks out tounge).
123pinky: Have you ever thought that it is wrong to ignore the people that can't afford the best face parts?
Whyvillian: Sorry, but I gotta go!

123pinky: Can I interview you for the Times?
Whyvillian: I guess so.
123pinky: Do you ever try to only chat with those that look like Oldbies?
Whyvillian: I only talk to the peeps that look good, if that's what you mean.
123pinky: Have you ever thought that it was wrong to ignore the people that don't have good face parts?
Whyvillian: Not really.
123pinky: Well I think it is a very rude thing to do to kids.
Whyvillian: Whatever, I'm leaving.

Okay, so now you have seen what people think about this topic. Some people are getting hurt, others don't relize what they are doing.

I created S.T.A.R. so people can stop this behavior. What I basiclly do is send out y-mails to lots of Whyvillians asking them to promise to support S.T.A.R. by not discriminating against those unucky Whyvillians without the most fasionable face parts! And at the end of each y-mail, I state how many people have currently pledged to support S.T.A.R.! So now after reading this, hopefully you think it is a great program, right? So you are thinking what can I do to help? Well, you can y-mail me (123pinky) and pledge to me that you support S.T.A.R.!


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