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Parental Advisory: Contains Garbage

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Picture yourself in the music section of your favorite store. You pick up a CD that has a Parental Advisory label on it. Labels like this mean that there is a fair amount of swearing or content involving sex, drugs, violence, or alcohol. Now answer this question: Have you or have you not listened to a song with swearing or "inappropriate" content in it? If you didn't answer yes, I would be very surprised. A lot of music today involve lyrics that, let us say, your parents wouldn't approve of.

Now picture something else. Picture a pile of stinky garbage. This is going to represent lyrics that are in a lot of music today. Every time you listen to a song with "inappropriate" content, you are shoveling piles of garbage into your mind. You may think that media and songs like this don't affect you. But the truth is, media and music effect us a great deal, because in the present time, music makes up a lot of our lives. Think input work and output work. You put in what you get out, right? This is the same with songs that include swearing, sexual content, etc. Garbage in, garbage out. Music affects us more than we think. I'm guilty of listening to negative songs that just result in garbage thoughts or actions. Starting to get the picture?

How do you know what songs are considered garbage? Ask yourself these questions: "Would this music negatively affect me?" "Would my parents and family approve?" "Is there a Parental Advisory label on the album cover?" If you answered yes, no, and yes, I think it would be safe to say that the song is garbage. Swear words in songs make you think that it's alright to swear like a sailor, whereas sexual content or lyrics about drugs, violence, or alcohol put nasty thoughts in your head that are hard to remove. It's sort of like a blood clot. Once the garbage songs you listen to start to pile up, you'll find that it's very very hard to build a good attitude, good thoughts, and good actions that make you an all-around good person. (This can be compared to a blood clot that causes a heart attack.)

I'm going to finish up this article with an example. I'm going to use Fergie's song "London Bridge". I bet a lot of you listen to this song, and it's on the Top Ten AOL Music list. Swear word count: 19. Sexual content count: 4. Drug/alcohol content count: 2. Bet you never looked at the lyrics like that, huh? :)

This article was by: xcarrotx :)


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