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Summer Fun

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Summer Fun

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Hey, school's out and it's time for some fun in the sun! But just wait a minute. I have some safety rules to help you have a blast in the summer!

  1. ALWAYS wear sunscreen, even if you are just going outside for awhile, and even if you think you do not think you get sunburned easily. Sunburn starting at an early age can eventually cause skin diseases.
  2. If you're going swimming at a public pool, try to go to an indoor one. Not only will the pool temperature probably be perfect, but you will also be protected from those harmful sunrays.
  3. If you're going rollerblading, skating, biking, or skateboarding (or even riding a scooter) always wear a helmet, and if needed elbow pads, knee pads, or if you want to wrist guards. They'll help keep you from breaking something and totally ruining the rest of your summer.
  4. During the summer I know I like to stay out REALLY late. SO if you decide to do so, make sure you stick with your friends, and if you have to walk home from a friend's house at night, don't be afraid to ask some of the kids to walk you home or even someone's parents to drive you home. Even if you live like 5 houses away, because it is better to be safe then sorry.
  5. If you are a child always let your parents know where you are going, because if something happens they need to know where you are.

    And the last one:

  6. HAVE FUN! Don't slouch around the house all day! Go hang out with friends and help the community! Sitting around the house all day eating and watching T.V. can seriously affect your health. (Of course you still can come and visit Whyville every day for some of the day!!!)

Well, I hope these 6 safety rules will help you to have the best Summer of your life!

This is Smurfette, saying good bye!




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