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A Look Back at 2006 in Whyville

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Hello fellow Whyvillians! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and their winter vacations. This is the perfect time to visit with your family and friends and reflect on the the past year. I'd like to take a look back at how much our wonderful community has changed and the events that occurred. So many things happened in Whyville this year, it is hard to even list them all!

I'll do my best, so here goes!

- Scion cars -- and seat belts!
- Scion Solutions -- a way to take out a loan to finance your very own Scion!
- Scion Owners' Events -- a great way to show off your awesome ride.
- Our many hunts: St. Patrick's Day (clovers), Easter (eggs), 4th of July (Statues of Liberty), Canada Day (maple leafs)
- The biggest Halloween Party ever -- over 2000 attendees!
- Our first ever live concert with Stacie Orrico -- over 6000 estimated attendees!
- The Street Team program -- your chance to recruit additions to Whyville.
- New chat rooms: Waterfall, Hangar, The Cove
- 2 Solstice Safaris
- WhyEat -- a way to learn how to eat healthy
- The Cafeteria: Buffet line, Tables, Banquets, Kitchen food sorting game, Recycling/Trash sorting game
- WhyEat Challenges
- Little Mermaid Tails and the underwater maze
- A revamped Akbar's Face Mall and Face Factory
- Clams for Cash -- you can buy clams with real money!
- The SkyScout Planetarium
- A new spectrography game -- arguably, the hardest game on Whyville

Wow! That list makes me proud to be a part of Whyville. Thanks to all of your help for giving Whyville its best year ever!

Happy New Year's!


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