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Holiday Party: 2006

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Hello, and once again Whyville it's MizAlyzza here to report on the latest and greatest events in Whyville. That's right-I'm talking about the 2006 Holiday Party! The party took place on December 22nd, from 7-9pm Whytime.

As soon as the clock struck 7, I excitedly hurried to the sportplatz, and I was amazed at the decorations. There were multi-colored balloons everywhere, and it appeared that snow was falling! There were also signs leading to the ice skating rink, and other rooms for the party.

One room you could venture into contained a large Christmas tree. You could even decorate the tree by throwing holiday-themed ornaments onto it!

The next room held a large stage, with an even larger line! This was the stage for the judging of the holiday costumes. The way the judging and stage worked was much like that of the Scion owner's event stage. When a person stepped up, they would have 30 seconds to describe their outfit. Then, during the next 30 seconds everyone in the room was given an opportunity to vote from 1-6 how much they liked each outfit. The top winners of the contest even recieved free one month Whypasses, or 500 clams!

The next, and my personal favorite, room was the ice skating rink. After entering the room, everyone quickly found out movement wasn't just a click away; but made possibly only by the use of projectiles (Much like the zero-gravity chamber at WASA). After slowly inching your way closer and closer, you could eventually make it to the underwater disco! The underwater disco was another favorite of mine. The only problem was, being underwater made it difficult to see what everyone else was saying!

All throughout the party, presents would randomly pop up, containing a free holiday-themed projectile, and balloons and snow were decorating every room. It was an amazing party, and coming up next is the New Year's Eve Party! I wonder if that can top the Holiday Party? Only one way to find out! But before I go, I have a few pictures I managed to get from the party. Enjoy!

Well this is MizAlyzza, signing off to see the sights. "She's so dangerous.."


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