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New Year's Resolutions

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Oh how I love New Years. Not only because it I my birthday and it pretty cool having people say "Happy Birthday" and "Happy New Year's" to me at the same time but it is a great that there is a new year and a fresh start. Many people make New Year's resolutions each year. Many of those people end of breaking them. Now I have done that a couple of times myself but after doing some research for my article I don't think I will be doing that very often anymore. Here are some easy ways to make and keep New Year's Resolutions.

Make a list

That is the first thing you should do brainstorm a list of anything. It can even be as unreasonable as learning how to fly. If you are stuck think about things you always wanted to do or those tiny flaws you have that always seemed to bother you. Write down absolutely anything that comes to mind.

Take out everything unreasonable

Okay here is the part where you have to be logical. You know you can not fly so that is definitely not it. Also a thing like being the best player on your basketball team when this is your first year is totally unreasonable. Once you have done that it should be easy to pick a resolution to pursue.

Break it down

No I don't mean get up and start shaking it. I mean break down you resolution into steps. Let's say you decided this year you were going to an A+ in math this year. You need to break it down into steps. (I suggest making another brainstorming list here). What I mean is decide what you are going to do about. Are you going to get a tutor? Are you going to get extra Credit? What are you going to do?

Pursue your steps

You're our now officially on a roll to pursuing your resolution. You got it all planned out. You decided that you were going to get your teacher to tutor you after school once a week. Ask you math whiz friend for help with your homework and study harder for tests. That is great but you can talk all you want but it won't mean anything unless you put those plans into action. So why don't you ask your teacher if she would tutor you. Go talk to your friend and ask if he would help you with your homework during study hall. And start making that study guide so you can study for next weeks test.

Chart your progress

This is a way to be honest with yourself. You can hang a calendar in your room and mark all the days you have to study with your friends, go to tutoring sessions, and study for that test. Each day you do what has to be done mark it in a way. If you skip it don't mark it. You could even make it a little fun buy smiley face stickers and use them to mark the days you followed your commitment. You could also draw frowns on the days you skipped. Trust me it will feel really good when you have your calendar filled with marks proving you did what you had to do. It will also show on your next big test.

Follow these simple steps and you all be on you way to making and keeping your New Year's resolution this year. You will also be on your way on succeeding in life you could always use these tips for other things not just New Year's resolutions. Happy New Year's everybody and Happy Birthday to all the New Year's Babies out there.

Angalgirl Over and out.


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