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Hey all you Fashion Fanatics out there! For the past two issues, you may or may not have noticed that my column was not there. Well, I'm back again with my 7th column! I sure hope you enjoy it!

This week, I will be telling you all about my all time favorite store. So, You're wondering what this store could be. Well, it's the one and only American Eagle! American Eagle's clothes make up the majority of my wardrobe, and hopefully, by the end of this column, you'll want to shop there too. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy shopping at many other stores, but something about American Eagle has always stuck out to me more.

Perhaps it is the awesome organization and friendliness of the employees that makes this store so great. I seldom find a thing out of place at American Eagle, and it is very easy for me to find what I'm looking for. Every so often, I won't be able to find something, but the wonderful employees are always there to help me out.

Of course, clothes are very important when it comes to the greatness of a store. In fact, they may be the most important thing. I can guarantee that American Eagle's clothes don't lack quality, range, or cuteness. I have not once found a rip or stain on any of American Eagle's clothes and don't think I'll ever. American Eagle provides clothes for every style and most body types, and I find it to have the kind of clothes that everyone can enjoy. When I say everyone, I mean boys too. Yes, I have finally written a column that includes boys! American Eagle sells everything from casual to dressy. They have jewelry, bags, shoes, clothes (of course), and even their own signature scent. Most of American Eagle's clothes are tasteful too. I will admit; I'm not going to look at every single item and think it is cute. There will be things that I don't like about a certain shirt or pair of jeans, but it's impossible to love EVERYTHING, right?

No, I haven't forgotten to mention American Eagle's motto, "Live Your Life". This "motto" appears on much of American Eagle's items. Several of their t-shirts show other inspirational phrases as well. Along with the motto, A lot of American Eagle's clothes also include a tiny eagle, the store's name itself, or even the year American Eagle got started, 1977.

Sure, their clothes are great. Their employees are great. What about their prices? I will admit that American Eagle can get a bit expensive at times, but I think their clothes are VERY much worth it. If you really can't afford all of those new arrivals, stick to the clearance racks. You can find TONS of great deals. Also, if you wait a couple of weeks, many of those new arrivals will go on sale.

This may not be very important, and it certainly won't stop you from shopping your best, but I'm sure it can help you, and you'll have fun. If you go to http://www.aeallaccesspass.com/, you can sign yourself up for an All Access Pass. I myself have a pass, and I find it to be super great. Basically, when you purchase an item at American Eagle, you hand the card to the employee. They will scan it, and you'll get credit for using it. Every item is worth a certain number of points, and when you reach a certain number of points, you get a discount. The greater number of points, the greater the discount. I think you'll find one of these very useful when shopping.

Finally, this is most likely the least important thing about American Eagle, but I'm sure it can help all those tired moms out there! Several of the American Eagles I have been to provide a huge t.v. screen playing tons of different music videos and (brace yourself moms) a couch! So, While your picky kids are shopping, you can relax!

I sure hope you've enjoyed my article, and I hope you'll consider shopping at American Eagle. Trust me. You won't regret it!

This is Cboosaunt signing off . . . hoping the remainder of your holiday is awesome.


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