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Alabama: One State, One Rivalry

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Hello Whyvillians! Arlia here to tell you about a bitter rivalry in my homestate, Alabama. Now many of you think Alabama is just some poor Southern state. Well, if only you could see the maddness and passion that goes into the Iron Bowl.

First played in 1907, the Iron Bowl is a football game played between the University of Alabama and the University of Auburn. It is the biggest football game in Alabama, and to some of us, in the world. Its been played for almost 100 years! I know, that's a long time to be playing football. Alabama's mascot is the elephant, and Auburn's is the tiger. They also have other names, Alabama's is Crimson Tide, and Auburn's is War Eagles. If you came down here during football season and were some Yankee loving Northerner, then you'd be shooed out of the state faster than my grandmother can make pecan pie! Yum!

Last year, the Tigers took victory from the Elephants for the fourth year in a row. With the fourth win the slogan, "Fear the Thumb" as head coach, Tommy Tuberville held up four fingers walking off the field. This year, many citizens of Bama were disappointed during Thanksgiving, the one time of the year you are supposed to be thankfull for things in life, but with a final score of 22 to 15, Auburn had won for the fifth time in a row. Once again, Tuberville walked of the field, this time with all five fingers proudly in the air.

Shortly after the Iron Bowl of 2006, Alabama head coach, Mike Shula was relieved of his duties. Not only must we endure another year of bragging from Auburn, but we must wait for another coach to ensure our rightful victory of winning the Iron Bowl. In the Iron Bowl of 2007, Auburn is going in the dirt!

I must tell you of an Alabama legend, one that still lives today, even after his death. Paul "Bear" Bryant is considered a hero to us Bamians. Coaching from 1958 to 1982, he led us to victory for 25 years. Under him we had 6 national titles. We were the rulers of football. Nothing could stop us! November of 1981, with a 28-17 win over Auburn was Bear's 315th career victory. Soon afterwards, he passed on to the football stadium in the sky.

Now, before this article is finished we must all put our hands into fists. Roll your fists in circles around each other and screem at the top of your lungs, "Roll Tide!" Doesn't it make you feel like a full-blood Southern Yankee hating Crimson Tide loving person? I hope so! Or else you are doomed to a life of Northern influence.

Signing off,


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