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Whyvillian in the Spotlight

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There is one person on Whyville, that I find legendary, a person who I look up to. And that is none other than, holiday50.

Most of you have probably heard of her, I mean she is quite popular. Holiday50 helped me raise my salary, step by step, and very patiently. I am the most impatient person ever, so it seemed like she was some Whyvillian GOD to actually bare with me.

Holiday50 was actually the person who inspired me to become a Y-mail helper. And even Y-mail helpers need help at some points, and it seems that Holiday50 knows all of the answers, and I can always turn to her when I need help. Truth be told, Holiday50 and I, aren't really close friends, but I admire her anyway.

According to her city records, she has been on Whyville for about 2 years now, and she earns 133 clams! I do not know how she does it, but that is just so simply amazing, that she has worked ever so hard to get such a rewarding salary, it shows that she truly is a hard worker. She has won letter squash 802 times, and I have never won; it shows that she has real brains, which is another very strong point to admire her.

She has TWO scions, not ONE, but TWO, and she even rents space in a house. It seems like Holiday50 is doing all the right things, and she is going to make it in the real word as well as a virtual one.

I am a big fan of Holiday50's designs, she is a fabulous designer, and is very talented and creative with them.

Holiday50 helps Newbies and Oldies, and is a true pioneer. I think that Holiday50 really needs some recognition for her great doings, she has inspired us all, and she is definitely my NUMBER ONE Whyvillian hero.

Signing off,


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